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Cacao Guardian · 2023
♥︎ Cacao School · 03. May 2023
Cacao Guardian Medizin Training vom 3. Mai - 1. November 2023. Zertifizierte Ausbildung in sechs Modulen mit 3,5 tägigem Medizinkreis in Berlin. Eine Reise ins Herz von Kakao entlang des europäischen Medizinrads von Beltane bis Samhain mit Serap Kara. Cacao Guardian ist eine Einführung, Einweihung und eine heilige Reise in das heilige Bewusstsein des Kakao Spirit. Kakao bildet ein zeremonielles Zentrum, das Herzen vereint, Frieden bringt und tiefen Gleichklang bringt.
In Circle with Cacao Mama · Imbolc
♥︎ Cacao School · 22. January 2023
Imbolc Moon Circle Ceremony with Serap Kara Sunday, January 22, 2023, 6 pm.

Cacao Mama Medicine Woman 2023
♥︎ Cacao School · 21. January 2023
The Cacao Mama Medicine Woman Training is a dream weaving space, online initiation and energetic activation for experienced practitioners in the portal of Imbolc.This course is designed for experienced practitioners to align with the Spiritkeeper of Cacao. January 21 - February 22, 2023, with Serap Kara.
Cacao Ceremony · Solstice Sun Celebration
♥︎ Cacao School · 21. December 2022
Online Equinox Cacao Ceremony with Serap Kara Wednesday, December 21, 2022, 7.30 pm. Cacao is a sacred teacher plant. Representing the tree of life itself, it carries the frequencies of Unity, Love and Understanding, allowing a deep and loving connection with yourself and others.

Cacao Lover · Online Experience
♥︎ Cacao School · 12. November 2022
Cacao Lover is an online experience and a sacred space for self-study. In five modules we will be guiding you into the consciousness of Cacao. Each modules opens a different avenue with a guided Ritual Dream Time Meditation at its core to connect, (re)align, and feel the unique vibration and magic of our beloved and ancient teacher plant Cacao. The Cacao Lover experience will be available to you for an entire year.
Cacao Ceremony Training · self study
♥︎ Cacao School · 12. December 2021
Enter the consciousness of the Cacao Spirit and learn the Art of Sacred Cacao in Cacao Mama's Ceremony Training composed of 5 individual modules for self-study.

Cacao Mama Foundations Kurs
♥︎ Cacao School · 01. September 2021
Cacao Mama Foundations ist ein aufgezeichneter Einführungs-Kurs, der dich in die Kunst des Heiligen Kakaos einführt.
Cacao Mama Foundations
♥︎ Cacao School · 08. August 2021
Cacao Mama Foundations is a pre-recorded introductory mini-course leading you into the Art of Sacred Cacao.

On heavy energies
♥︎ Cacao School · 01. March 2021
With being present and conscious with Pachamama, we don't give heavy energies to her any longer. We give it neither in meditations, yoga classes nor in any other practice. It's not that Pachamama cannot handle it. She can, as she is the master of presence, the master of ceremony.
♥︎ Cacao School · 23. March 2020
Recommendations and medicine for the mind, the body, the heart and the soul to navigate transitions.

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