Cacao Mama is born from love for the pure loving Spirit of Cacao. We are an awareness driven enterprise weaving modern and ancient knowledge to serve the healing of Cacao on a global scale by offering heart opening, multidimensional experiences with Cacao. Cacao carries the blueprint of the New Earth Community. Together we are dreaming the New Earth into reality.

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I’m Serap, Medicine Woman, Earth Guardian, teacher and Cacao Lover. My love for plants was initiated by a spiritual encounter with the Spirit of Cacao in 2011, which led me onto the path of sacred plant studies. This was followed by an intense study of global resources, energetic healing and Earth inspired wisdom from across many cultures.


My medicine heart beats in rhythm with Mother Earth. I love to create finely tuned healing experiences in order to assist people in aligning with their inner gold. Since founding the Cacao Mama Earth School, I became a student, learning from plants, trees and nature spirits and sharing my insights in ritualistic learning experiences that will serve Future Generations.


The Earth School is about collecting the messages found in the soul of nature, cultivating wisdom together and offering our voice to speak up for the preciousness of life.


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Cacao Lover


I'm Marlene, an explorer of the depth of life, a seeker of wisdom and knowledge. My connection with Cacao was sparked in 2016 in much darker times and I'm forever grateful for this uplifting, joyful and empathic Plant Spirit. Cacao has become a form of sanctuary for me and I'm happy to share this gift with others.


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I'm Nina. I'm constantly looking for freedom, peace of mind, purpose and authenticity to live a life that not only makes me happy but also makes the world a better place - by creating space for growth and support. My passion is connecting with people, listening and having good conversations which lead to emotional alchemy for you and me.


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Keeper of Words


I'm Romana. I'm a Reiki Master, Astrology student, experienced world traveller and a collector of sacred wisdom and knowledge. Cacao came into my life at the beginning of a great personal and spiritual transformation, and I'm forever grateful for the support and wisdom I received and continue to receive.


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