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The Art of Cacao

Educational Courses for Self-Study

Cacao Mama 



The Art of Sacred Cacao - Mini-course for a solid entry including basic principles and templates to working with ceremonial Cacao. In English · 135€

Cacao Mama 



Die Kunst des heiligen Kakaos - Mini-Kurs für einen guten Einstieg mit Grund- und Vorlagen für die Arbeit mit zeremoniellem Kakao. Auf Deutsch · 135€ 

Cacao Mama 

Ceremony Training


The Art of Cacao in Ceremony · Complete online ceremony training composed of five modules plus bonus material for self study. In English · 405€

Cacao Lover

Connect with Spirit


Online course composed of 18 video lectures and five guided ritual dream time meditations to connect with the Spirit of Cacao. In English · 108€ 

Cacao Gardener · Come Full Circle

Plant a Cacao Tree & Invest in Regeneration

Plant a Cacao Tree · Grow a Spirited Cacao Forest · Receive a gift in sacred reciprocity · 55€

Cacao Mama's Course Overview

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Cacao Mama's course overview



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