Cacao is a powerful medicine. You can have a wonderful experience when Cacao is the centre of your Ceremony. Yet due to its effect on the heart, brain, emotional, physical and spiritual body, people love to combine Cacao with other disciplines and healing arts.

Cacao can be lovingly combined with yoga, dance, sound, body and womb work, shamanic journeys, and women's or men's circles. Each healing art requires a unique setting which may raise questions about quantity, timing, logistics or cultural appropriation. 

Serap Kara invites experienced teachers to join her IN CIRCLE and share their expertise, vision and how they combine Cacao respectfully with traditional and modern healing arts. Follow us on a loving and expanding journey through disciplines.


Sandrine Giacobino

Sandrine Giacobino is a facilitator of metaphysical anatomy healing, an abdominal and fertility massage therapist, yoga teacher and Cacao lover. Sandrine integrates Cacao's medicine into women's circles where she offers womb work and the 13th Rites of the Womb, among others. Sandrine is based in London, UK.


Serap and Sandrine talk about the gentle medicine of Cacao especially in women's circles, the power of feminine energies and how the Cacao Mother resonates with the intelligence of the womb. Learn about the why, the power of gentleness, traditional approaches, minimum and maximum amounts, how the medicine weaves into women's circles work and about practices that support the respectful use of Cacao in womb work.


In Circle with Sandrine · Cacao in Women's Circles was recorded in September 2021 and is available as a pre-recorded video and audio lesson for download. Your investment is EUR 35.

Technical Details

Each session is approximately 1 - 1,5 hours long and available as a prerecorded video and audio lesson for download. Once you book the session you will be forwarded to our educational partner elopage. With the balance the download will be instantly available to you. Due to the nature of products and services, we do not provide change of mind refunds. There is no return or refund for any digital products. If you have any questions or concerns, please email



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