Cacao's Medicine

Many sensitive people feel called by Cacao and hear the gentle voice of Mother Nature through her offerings. To us, Cacao is not only chocolate, but a consciousness and intelligence. We honour Cacao as a teacher and keeper of ancient, sacred wisdom and acknowledge her as a feminine force. Being guarded by Elders, Cacao seems to offer a ceremonial centre to reconnect with the invisible harmony.

Cacao is love

We recognise that cacao carries within a powerful medicine that nourish the soul, expand the mind and connects the human heart with the heartbeat of life itself. She invites us to remember that we are part of the earth, of nature, the stars and the cosmos and in relationship with both the living and the spiritual world. Cacao is teaching a sacred reciprocity, that of taking and giving thanks in return. 

The Cacao School

What was given to us, we give back to the people; in free resources, online programs and in-person sharing. In our worldview, ecology, economy and spirit are interwoven. We acknowledge Cacao's gift to awaken a deep heart intelligence and take a stand for golden cacao. We share earth rooted wisdom for how to respectfully invite the Spirit and use Cacao in personal & group ceremony.


Cacao Ceremony

Cacao Lover Online Experience

Cacao Ceremony Training

Cacao Mama Initiation & Training

Cacao Guardian Medicine Training


Here you can read more in detail how the medicine trainings are structured and what they include.



Cacao in Ceremony is a new section, offering you a guideline and a blueprint for your ritual and inspiration to connect with the Spirit. Read everything from 'setting up your space' to 'contraindications'. We've also added many new information to Nutrition & Science, The Global Market and History & Spirit. Enjoy!


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