Cacao's Medicine

Many sensitive people feel called by Cacao and hear the gentle voice of Mother Nature through her offerings. To us, Cacao is not only chocolate, but a consciousness and intelligence. We honour Cacao as a teacher and keeper of ancient, sacred wisdom and acknowledge her as a feminine force. Being guarded by Elders, Cacao seems to offer a ceremonial centre to reconnect with the invisible harmony.

Cacao is love

We recognise that cacao carries within a powerful medicine that nourish the soul, expand the mind and connects the human heart with the heartbeat of life itself. The Cacao Mother invites us to remember that we are part of the earth, of nature, the stars and the cosmos and in relationship with both the living and the spiritual world. Cacao is teaching a sacred reciprocity, that of taking and giving thanks in return. 

The Cacao School

What was given to us, we give back to the people; in free resources, online programs and in-person sharing. In our worldview, ecology, economy and spirit are interwoven. We acknowledge Cacao's gift to awaken a deep heart intelligence and take a rooted stand for golden Cacao. We share earth rooted wisdom for how to respectfully invite the Spirit and use Cacao in personal and group ceremony.


We love Cacao and thus have created an entire universe around the Spirit. In the following we present the four important pillars of our work - our work and service is anchored in Nutrition & Science, The Global Market, History and the Cacao Ceremony. We encourage you to get acquainted with these pillars and be aware that they will support your understanding as a groundwork for the ritual experience with the Cacao Spirit.



The Cacao Gardener is a coming full circle initiative. Envisioned in the ceremonial space, we intend to plant a spirited Cacao forest ecosystem in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia, the place the indigenous wisdom keepers, the Kogi Mamos call the 'Heart of the Earth'. We believe in a heart-centred culture that aligns with the wisdom and harmony of Pachamama. 


In resources we go deeper and share useful information around ceremonial Cacao. We think that everyone should know how to prepare a ceremonial Cacao with intention and be inspired by the incredible alchemy that Cacao offers. To us, Cacao has a personality and we like to call her the Cacao Mother and Mama Cacao. 


Cacao - What's in it? Key Nutrients


Cacao from Ecuador, Bolivia, Bali & Peru


Preparing a Cacao for Ritual Purposes


The Timeless Ceremony · Guided Meditation with Serap Kara Listen

Cacao Mama's Raw Chocolate Recipe


On giving heavy energies to Earth



In the past years we have created a number of foundational and deepening courses. Most of our courses are offered online. This gives you the possibility to download the pre-recorded audio materials to your devices, print the workbooks and to sit under a tree when you listen to our teachings. Study in your own pace and rhythm. Here you can read more in detail how the medicine trainings are structured and what they include.


IN CIRCLE WITH · Cacao Talks on Combining Cacao with Healing Arts

Cacao can be lovingly combined with yoga, dance, sound, body and womb work, shamanic journeys, and wo/men's circles. Each healing art requires a unique setting which may raise questions about quantity, timing, logistics or cultural appropriation. Serap invites experienced teachers to join her IN CIRCLE and share their expertise, vision and how they combine Cacao respectfully with a traditional and modern healing practice.



In Ceremony is an offering of Cacao Mama's heart; a twelve-edition mini-magazine that we create along the ancient European wheel of the year. Our journey has started with Imbolc and every month we tune into the currents of our time, honour the past, peak into the future and create a bridge to the many ways of Cacao. We share treasures from Cacao Mama's apothecary freely and invite you to be in Ceremony with us.



One of the most beautiful gifts I have received from working with the Cacao spirit is to strengthen my roots and honour the land where I live, which is Germany and Europe. Over the years, an important reconciliation has taken place. Today, I am building bridges between Central America, where the Cacao spirit was mainly revered, and the spirit, plants, and traditions of Northern Europe. The plant kingdom here is full of variety, power, and magic.

I love to connect with local herbs, and find the herbal collection of our dear plant sister Simone rich and powerful and trust her way of ceremony. Two of my favourite mixes are Aurora & Freya. I prefer to work with a stove and candle, under which the herbs and flowers gently emanate their powerful essence and fragrance. Working with local plants support me to anchor myself in the land I live on and at the same time build a bridge between the many different cultures within myself.

"As an herbalist, the love for plants is my heritage, my Grandmother Charlotte Meentzen founded one of the first herbal beauty companies in Germany. With Fiber&Heart® I express an interest in the natural way of life, cultivating effective solutions to connect humans with nature ... all is handmade in Germany." – Simone Meentzen


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