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10    Reverence






TEXT by SERAP KARA  · Picture by paul bulai























Text by SERAP KARA  · Picture by GRIT SIWONIA

Let yourself be guided to the soul of plants, their ancient roots, and universal messages allowing you to see the world as one shared global system.


Understand that within traditions you'll find an essence reminding you that you are deeply interconnected with the living world around you. 


Let yourself be guided by the Cacao Elder Spirits onto a path of remembering. Remember the natural cosmology and feel the power of ritual and ceremony.


Follow the Cacao Elder Spirits to experience rest, nourishment, and inspiration in the innernet of your soul. 

Spirit knows

Text by Serap Kara  · Picture by niklas ohlrogge

Visualisation and imagination is an essential element of my spiritual practice allowing me to travel the innernet of my being. Hardly do I know, where Spirit will lead me, yet when I'm relaxed, I receive the guidance with ease. I imagine a picture or place and allow a part of me to travel there, while I am here, rooted and grounded. Often do I travel when I write.

Without knowing, the energy takes over and it is me who is guided, by a force, breathing through me, guiding me through dimensions, along the roots, to the elders, the earth mother, along the world tree up into cosmic spheres where transcendent light of many colours reins. I have to remind myself to receive also while I’m being guided. I anchor into the body. 


Guiding a meditation for others - for a group or for spirit - is so beautiful. The power accelerates in a way that I can hardly create for myself alone. There’s a greater intelligence at work, as we all have a spiritual family and guides working with us and they like to show up when we gather and go into this delicate and sweet space of inner visualisation and calibration.



Text by Serap Kara  · Picture by Content Pixie

Our beloved Earth Mother is calling in the keepers, healers, dreamers, and speakers. Now is the time to unite in sacred union to give birth to Pachamama's ancient vision of herself. 


Remember who you are. Open to the wisdom of the Mother Earth Goddess. Allow a space of truth to emerge from the depths of your soul, a space of magnificence. Share it freely with others.


Listen to the song within, calling you into the songlines of your soul. You are sound. Sing often. Your song of compassion is needed to heal the human heart.


Dare to vision. The time is now. Remember how to create a medicine circle to release the tangles in the dream weave, creating a sphere for opening and transformation. 


Our togetherness is needed to restore the ancestral energy lines. Stand tall while receiving the codes to weave the threads for a spirited culture. Because you are the medicine of the world. This is a time to remember.  

Journey to the Great-Grandmother Earth

Text Serap Kara ADAPTED FROM BRIGITTE DE LA HERAS  · Picture by sergey norkov

Descend a spiral staircase that leads deeper and deeper into the earth. Step by step, you follow the path down.


You enter a dark cave and feel your way along the walls until you reach the room of the earth mother, where it is warm and red from the glow of the fire.


In the middle of the room, you see an ancient woman stirring in a cauldron that stands on the fire.


She is the great-grandmother of time. She stands there and stirs the porridge or soup of life.


You look at her and feel her elderly energy, her kindness, and wisdom. You sense her eternity and permanence.


You feel you know her. You realise that everything is present in her all the time. In this magnificent woman are all women, all forms, diversities, and ages.


You understand that women have always been there and will always be there; a woman becomes a woman again, similar yet completely different.


In her, everything is created, everything is present, the child, the young woman, the fertile woman, the mother, the old one who is free of fertility and motherliness.


You stay with the earth mother as long as you like. When you go back, you take the confidence which you have experienced into your everyday life.



All places on this land have an energetic quality to them.  The spirit of place. As soon as I moved here I felt it, in this particular house, a feeling I may never leave.


Internal limitations I already held within allowed the external energy to attach itself. This presence added to a sense of hiding. Fear of being seen, invisible. It wasn’t me. I sensed it. But could I trust the sense? 


It took seven years and an encounter with a witch - she who sees and knows - for me to trust and release this energy. She owned the powers she sensed and saw with her whole being. She was willing to show those places of herself that sees and knows the other mysterious unseen but felt world and guide that soul home.


I have feared the witch as I have a deep rooted fear of this part of myself. It has been a luminous journey to trust in this sense of intuition and authority that burns strong within.


This fear of myself reflected in my absence in the world and inability to bring my visions into reality. I needed alignment. I needed to set that soul free so I could set myself free and align with what I am called to. 


Meeting her allowed me to trust more deeply my inner compass, intuition and sensual perception of spaces. This trust in who I am and holding true to my essence needs presence.


“We cease to be afraid when we give away what was never ours in the first place and begin to be present in our own lives just as we find them, in our earthly vulnerabilities” David Whyte, ‘Consolations’


Cacao has been a guide in refining my senses and bridging the earthly world with the spiritual realm. She allows me to move into a place of presence, a delicate subtle place of awareness where I am attuned to my senses and to the spirit world around me, with the courage to shine light into the dark places. 



Katie is a storyteller, textile alchemist, and Cacao Guardian. She is passionate about re-awakening deep feminine earth-based wisdom through folklore and embodied ceremony which inspires her creative process. She loves to hand stitch story quilts and dolls with wild dyed natural cloth imbued with the earth's pigments. Katie is based in Wales. Visit www.instagram.com/katiekleinjans




I had the honour to learn Mayan & Curanderismo Rituals with Grandmother Flordemayo within the Shift Network Grandmother Flordemayo is a sage and teaches the practice of practising and the power of prayer. She will encourage you to do the work and remind you to not give up. This practice is inspired by Grandmother Flordemayos work. Visit her beautiful website for more sage at www.grandmotherflordemayo.com



"This cleansing with sacred herbs is also called limpia. These herbs have been used for eons in doing a cleansing. It is removing, cleansing your body, removing any energy that does not belong there, whether it's the stress of the day, whether it is discomfort of pain, whether it is the thought of anger, the feeling of anger, whether it is the uneasiness of being upset, whether it is the uneasiness of jealousy, whether it is the uneasiness of wanting to control things, whether it is the uneasiness of not knowing your own boundaries, whether it is the uneasiness of having problems with relationships and trust. 


We cleanse ourselves to heal ourselves from these things because we as curanderas and curanderos cannot help another human if we have not worked on ourselves and allow ourselves to release from these things that might be within us that do not allow us to do the best work that we can. We need to allow ourselves to clear ourselves of all of these abnormal feelings so that we can be a clear vehicle of the light so that we could be clear when we do a healing and we're not affected by our own things."  – Grandmother Flordemayo

Close your eyes and envision a sacred garden. As you inhale, you allow the beauty of the garden to come into your being, showering you from head to toe. As it is moving through you, you can take a step forward into the garden.


You start to feel the energy of the beautiful healing plants inside your garden. These are the common plants that we use. Imagine that you can smell the basil, the white basil, and the purple basil. Allowing yourself to inhale, to feel, and to see the basil. You are right now smelling the rosemary, and you feel the energy moving through your body. Allowing yourself to inhale, to feel, and to see.


Allowing yourself to smell the artemisia. You feel and you smell the beautiful essence also of the thyme. As you feel and smell the thyme, you can also see and smell the lavender. As you smell and breathe in the lavender, you also smell and breathe in the rose and the jasmine. 


You bring the aroma all over your body and see, sense and feel them move through your field. You are cleansing your body and energy and auric field. 


The surreal wildlife artwork of JON CHING · VISIT jonchingart.com

Cacao SELFCARE Ritual

Text & PLAYLIST by Lena Brandt · Picture by chelsea Shapouri

After the Christmas season’s indulgence, January is a wonderful time for me to bring back my attention to my body - through nourishing, detoxifying food, gentle movement, as well as loving self-care rituals.

One of these rituals is the ritual of self-massage. In Ayurveda, this practice is called Abhyanga. The act of anointing ourselves from head to toe with warm oil. Especially during the cold, dark times of the year, this ritual gifts me with comfort and well-being.

Self-touch and massage is a beautiful, deeply healing way to release tension, regulate the nervous system, restore balance in the body and mind, re-connect to who we are, and make space for a softer version of ourselves.  

I like to combine this self-care ritual with Cacao. Creating a ceremonial atmosphere, inviting the heart-opening qualities of Cacao into my centre, feeling the vibration of love flowing through me while I tend to my body.


"Touch is one of the earliest sensations that we experience. Even in our mother’s womb, we feel warmth, comfort, security. We feel movement of fluid. We feel vibrations of sound. We feel the movement of our mother’s body as she moves through her daily life."  — Marie Sophie Kiepe


For the self-massage, I enjoy mixing a nourishing body oil. In the winter months, I use a warming sesame oil as a base, while in the warmer summer months I like to switch to more cooling oils like coconut or others.

I intuitively pick one or more essential oils to mix in, depending on which scent and energetic qualities I feel called to at the moment, such as relaxing lavender, grounding cedarwood, uplifting wild orange, or a herbal oil like rosemary.

I set up a comforting space for my ritual, with candles, blankets, cushions. I put on some soothing music. I warm the oil up by placing the bottle in hot water for a couple of minutes. Then I prepare my Cacao - a simple recipe with Cacao paste, water, and a tiny hint of Cinnamon. When everything is set, I leave the outside world behind and focus solely on myself for a good amount of time.



First, I set a loving intention and enter the sacred space in my mind. I then connect with the Cacao Deva and drink my Cacao. I enjoy a few minutes of total stillness before I turn to my body.

I start by simply placing my hands on different areas of my body, greeting this temple of mine, asking for permission to touch. Then I intuitively let my hands flow over my body, gently touching, massaging different parts that ask for attention and love. My feet, my lower back, my neck, my hands,... Some areas might ask for more pressure, others for soft, tender caress.

With every touch, I give thanks to my body and appreciate all that she does and is. When the ritual feels complete, I give thanks to Spirit, Pachamama, and her elements - those which my magnificent body is made of. Afterwards, I lay down and rest in this loving vibration for a while longer.


FINDING Reverence

Text BY SIRI ARTI · PICTURE BY katherine hanlon & Siri Arti

How I found reverence for myself by working with sacred plant medicine. - My journey with sacred plants started in the Summer of 2019. My friend Dominic arrived back from Guatemala and wanted to share what he learned from Ceremonial Cacao with me. I watched closely as he crafted the most beautiful ritual with Cacao in my kitchen before we moved outside to be in ceremony under the darkness of the New Moon. It was spectacular. As he stood up, arms in the air, invoking energies, worlds, spirits, directions, and more, I felt a portal open and a rush of energy move through me. That night, I drank Cacao for the first time. We sat around the fire, talking, singing, drumming, and we shared deeply and intimately. There was a sense of magic in the air and after that, I felt myself reawaken.


Fast forward to now, I have learned so much from my time sitting in ceremony with sacred plant medicines, friends, mentors, and spirit guides. One month ago I started a social dieta with the Master Plant Bobinsana. Kara, the beautiful Medicine Woman holding space for me, explained how to clean myself through a bland diet and the importance of doing so to open my connection to the plant. I restricted my diet accordingly and started the process. One week in, and the information landed like a blossoming lotus in my awareness: I had a deep realisation that to truly connect with the plant spirit of Bobinsana (or any sacred plant medicine) I was to cleanse the vessel of my body and my mind. It made absolute sense and so I committed fully to the process, in reverence of the plant. 


Today is the day I close this month-long ceremony - I have had an extraordinary month. Today, I get to reconnect with my closest plant ally Cacao, and from this point on, I will show reverence to the spirit of the plants inviting them to enter a house that is kept clean and ready for them. This month I learnt what it means to have reverence to the plants, and this means reverence to myself too - something I forgot along the way.


I am grateful for this blessing. 

I am grateful to the sacred plant medicines.

I am grateful to all of you, walking alongside me.

I am grateful.




Siri is a mother, teacher, yoga therapist, circle holder, magic maker, and healer. She likes making her days into ceremony and treading softly on the Earth as she does so. Siri has an affinity to bones, feathers, mushrooms, and trees, and is the happiest walking with her sweet medicine dog discovering these. Website www.starchildyoga.com

7 Days of Rest & Sacred renewal


7 Days of Rest, January 1-7, is an annual, open co-creative event inviting individuals and groups around the world to initiate and join local and online events for the healing and replenishment of the planet and all its inhabitants.


For 7 days people join forces around the world 

~  to connect in stillness, compassion, inspiration, and dedicated action

~  to remove stress, noise, and toxins

~  to commit together to personal, collective, and planetary healing

~  to set the intention and foundations for co-creating a thriving world for all


Rest for yourself or in community: https://www.7days-of-rest.org/





Create a stone circle with eight stones. Four stones for the cardinal points and four stones for the quarters. Use crystals or natural objects if you don't have stones at hand. We start in the north and give thanks to the medicine of the directions, the seasons, and the elements with a deep bow.


  • Look to the north. imagine the deepest darkness, but also the glittering snow and the element of earth. Then, turn around so that you can feel the power of the north in your back. Take your time to feel this.
  • Continue clockwise and stop in the northeast. Look in this direction and feel the wide view of the landscape in the first dawn. Turn around and feel the power of the northeast at your back. Give yourself time to feel this direction.
  • Now, step into the east, into the direction of air, sunset, and spring. Turn around and feel the power of the east nurturing your back. Receive the medicine of the east.
  • Turn further to the southeast. Connect with the sensual power of the swelling nature. Turn around and feel this power energising your back. Take your time to feel this.



  • Go further south and feel the strength and power of fire. Turn around and receive the power in your back.
  • Move ahead to the southwest and feel the power of decision and boundaries at the time of harvest. Stand with your back in this time and feel the energy and quality in your back. 
  • Continue  to the west, towards the water and autumn. Turn around and feel the power to support you in the back. Breathe with this direction. 
  • Now, look to the northwest and feel the power of death. Turn your back to the northwest and feel the power of your ancestors. Breathe in the medicine of this direction. 



Brigitte de las Heras
Brigitte de las Heras

BOOK RECOMMENDATION · Die reise durch den Jahreskreis

Nature-based wisdom is awakening, remembered by men and women from all around the world. People tap into the currents of the land and the songlines of the Mother. One cannot think the medicine wheel alone, but embody their medicine through feeling and sensing with the body, spirit, and soul. I loved reading Brigitte de las Heras' book "Die Reise durch den Jahreskreis" and would like to recommend it to our German readers. May we be guided by the four sacred directions.

We at Cacao Mama witness people opening to a LIFE IN CEREMONY every day. The Cacao Spirit forms a centre around which one can feel this particularly magic moment when everything connects and comes alive. Feelings of compassion arise, a deep connection to Pachamama and a coming home to the Self. We have entered the present moment and feel the invisible harmony that surrounds us. – Serap Kara



Within the light of Imbolc we opened Cacao Mama's apothecary and invited you to be In Ceremony with us. Together with our plant family, we composed 12 editions with more than 120 free articles, rituals, meditations, and inspirations for you to feel held and inspired. 


To me, 'In Ceremony with Cacao Mama' has been a spiritual practice; I showed up and tuned into the currents of our time to weave the global teachings of my beloved Cacao teacher with the wisdom of the German land I was born in. I feel peace, complete and content with the medicine of the European people that will, from now on, guide me on my journey through life.


Being 'In Ceremony' is inspired by the teachings of the Andean medicine man Puma with whom I study. Through him, I was allowed to see from a higher, the Andean condor perspective. He opens every session with the words: "Today is the best day to be in Ceremony", pointing to the magic dance of life to be witnessed by you and me.


In the light of Imbolc, I seed new visions. I dream of a centre for the International Cacao School in Southern Europe where we can meet in person in 2022. And I intend to weave a living bridge to Colombia to awaken the Cacao Gardener within the collective matrix. Come and join us on a journey into the spirited Cacao forest. You are invited to being In Ceremony with us, always.


Thank you for witnessing. With ♥︎ Serap

For the past year, In Ceremony took me on a journey along the wheel of the year. I  have connected deeply with the rhythms of Mother Earth, here in this place that I call home for now. I opened myself up, letting her teach me her universal wisdom and medicine. Through this work, I created a more intimate, loving relationship with Mama Cacao. I have been learning from Cacao, discovering new territories, and remembering the old ways, deeply rooted inside myself, inside all of us.


Each month I was invited to consciously take the time for research, feeling into, and writing. It demanded discipline, diligence, and devotion - to each topic, to Cacao itself. It was a way to bring my experiences into manifestation, to express my gratitude, and became a part of my guardianship.


I am deeply touched by the numerous and so varying guest contributions which showed me how multi-faceted life and our experiences are. So, each edition itself was a unique, colourful woven carpet of stories, rituals, insights, and heartfelt wisdom. Yet, they all opened the sacred space to be in ceremony with Cacao and Cacao Mama.


Thank you for joining us in this sacred space and being in ceremony with us. Thank you, Pachamama. Thank you, Spirit. Thank you, Cacao. And thank you, Serap, for inviting me into this magical field of co-creation.


With ♥︎ Lena


Meet the Cacao Gardener with whom we intend to plant a spirited Cacao forest ecosystem in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia, the place the indigenous wisdom keepers, the Kogi Mamos, call the 'Heart of the Earth'. 




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