Welcome dear friend! In the past years we have created a number of foundational and deepening courses. Most of our courses are offered online. This gives you the possibility to download the pre-recorded audio materials to a device of your choice, print the workbook and sit under a tree when you listen to our teachings and study in your own pace and rhythm.


Many students wonder where to start. If you are new to ceremonial Cacao and have basic questions and look for a solid introduction, I recommend the Cacao Mama Foundations course - in a three hour audio I am guiding into different aspects, from preparation to history to being in Ceremony. This is a good way to get to know us. 


If you would like to offer Cacao in Circles, I recommend the Cacao Ceremony Facilitator Training. It's the most complete course we offer. The Cacao Guardian Initiation is a six-months training where we travel along the wheel of the year, learn about all aspects of Cacao and meet in person in Berlin, Germany. This course is offered in German language. The Cacao Lover experience is for you to deepen your knowledge but above all to create or deepen your spiritual bond - here you'll find short videos to watch and guided meditations as the central element. If you are experienced on all levels and wish be in Ceremony with us and commune deeper with the Spirit, you are welcome to apply to the Medicine Woman to receive the Spiritkeeper initiation.  I so look forward to welcoming you in our space!


Read in detail how the medicine trainings are structured and what they include. We also offer circles where we meet in person only. For 2022, we are looking for a new space and location in Portugal, one, that allows us to be in live-circles and in ceremony with Mother Nature.


With Cacao ♥︎

Cacao Mama Foundations

The Cacao Mama Foundations is a prerecorded introductory mini-course  leading you into the Art of Sacred Cacao

  • We have designed Cacao Mama Foundations to share the basic principles of a cacao ceremony and would like to guide you into the basics, preparation, alchemy and a meditation to connect with the soul of Cacao.
  • Cacao Mama Foundations is composed of a three-hour audio guide, a PDF booklet in which we look at the structuring principles of a cacao ceremony and explain the key elements, such as setting intentions, creating sacred space, and what you do with the ceremonial cacao once it arrives on your kitchen table (preparation, storage, handling).
  • Previous experience with Cacao is not required.
  • This course is available in English and in German language.

Cacao Lover · Connect with Spirit

Cacao Lover is an online experience to connect with Spirit and a sacred space for self-study.

  • Over the course of five weeks we're guiding you into the consciousness of Cacao. Each week opens a different avenue with a guided Ritual Dream Time Meditation at its core to connect, (re)align, and feel the unique vibration and magic of our beloved and ancient teacher plant Cacao. The course opens with a week to tune-in and offers a week for integration. The Cacao Lover experience will be available to you for an entire year. The course includes: 
  • Cacao Lover is composed of 18 inspirational video lectures, 20 pages of pdf material & resources and 5 prerecorded  Ritual Dream Time audio meditations accompanied by 5 medicine music playlists guiding you into the heart of the Cacao Collective.
  • This course is offered in English. 

+++ Temporarily Not Available +++

Cacao Mama Ceremony Training · Online Course · FOR SELF-STUDY

The Cacao Mama Ceremony training is a pre-recorded online training and a journey into the loving consciousness of Cacao.

  • The Ceremony training is an offering for souls who have experienced cacao in a ceremonial setting, have started to offer the Cacao medicine in a ceremonial way or wish to deepen the art of being in Ceremony
  • The Cacao Ceremony Training is composed of four chapters from The Art of Cacao guidebook written by Serap Kara for self-study,12 hours of pre-recorded audio material, exercises, deepening practices and one pre-recorded ceremony.
  • Basic experience with ceremonial Cacao is recommended, yet not mandatory.

Cacao Mama Medicine Woman Training · Online Course

The Cacao Mama Medicine Woman Initiation & training is designed to align with the vibration of Cacao's Spiritkeeper and designed along Imbolc - Spring Equinox - Beltane.

  • The medicine woman is an offering for souls who are facilitators, practice the art of holding Cacao Ceremonies and wish to align with the Spiritkeeper in a held space to expand into a global perspective and service to anchor a new consciousness.
  • The medicine woman training is composed of a workbook written for Medicine Women and combines self-study, audio material, a shared dieta practice and seven ceremonies.
  • This training concludes with a certificate of completion and a blessing from Cacao Mama

Cacao Guardian · Online & In-Person Medicine Training

The Cacao Guardian Initiation & Medicine training from Beltane to Samhain is designed to step into guardianship to the Spirit.

  • Cacao Guardian speaks to souls wish to learn to serve Cacao in Ceremony or have started to facilitate Cacao rituals and ceremonies and wish to gain a solid foundation and a complete understanding of how Cacao's medicine works within a sacred group setting. This training is for you if you wish to explore all aspects of Sacred Cacao to deepen your relationship and step into guardianship under the guidance of Cacao Mama.
  • The six-month online course and in-person training is composed of The Art of Sacred Cacao practitioner guidebook and combines self-study, monthly live video calls, audio material, exercises and a 3,5-day in-person medicine circle in Berlin, Germany.
  • Cacao Guardian training concludes with an exam, a certificate of completion and a blessing from Cacao Mama.
  • Previous experience with Cacao is not required.
  • The Cacao Guardian is held in German language

We love to sit in Circle & in Ceremony with you ♥︎

Cacao Mama Ceremony by Jaqueline Louan
Cacao Mama Ceremony by Jaqueline Louan


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