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Organic Cacao for Ceremonial Use & Ritual Chocolate Making


Made from finest Arriba Nacional beans from Ecuador, this Cacao is rich, warm, and chocolatey. It's creamy in texture, silky and well-structured in taste.


Available sizes

500g block

1kg block

500g drops

1kg drops



A rare, wild-grown and harvested Cacao from the Bolivian Amazon Jungle; balanced, floral, & sweet in taste, reminiscent of honey, with a light, pleasant acidity.


Available sizes

450g chocolate bar

1kg block*

1kg drops

500g drops

*out of stock, back in May 2024.


This Cacao from Peru has a spirited temperament and is beautifully intense and firm in texture. It contains light notes of coffee & pepper, with a pleasant acidity.


Available sizes

500g block

1kg drops* 

*out of stock, back on February 19. 




This Cacao is earthy, slightly bitter, and sweet on the tip of the tongue. It's a unique combination on the palate as the acidity combines with the sweet & bitter notes.


Available sizes

500g block

1kg block




Traditional Molinillo from Oaxaca, México

Plant a Cacao Tree in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia


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Orders within Germany


Für Bestellungen innerhalb Deutschlands

  • EUR 5,90 bis / up to 4kg · EUR 6,90 ab / from 4-10kg
  • Versandkostenfrei ab EUR 100 Bestellwert · Free Shipping within Germany for orders <EUR 100 

Island Surcharge Germany


Inselzuschlag innerhalb Deutschlands · Island Surcharge for shipping to German Islands · EUR 13,00

  • e.g. Amrum, Föhr, Sylt, Hiddensee, Chiemsee


  • Malta - EUR 15 (up to 1kg), EUR 19 (up to 5kg)
  • Belgium, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, Lichtenstein, Czech Republic - EUR 15
  • France, Monaco - EUR 17
  • Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia & Hungary - EUR 20
  • Ireland, Portugal, Sweden & Spain - EUR 24
  • Estland, Finland, Croatia, Latvia & Lithuania - EUR 28
  • Iceland & Norway - EUR 40 (up to 5kg), EUR 45 (5-10kg)
  • Switzerland* · EUR 40 
  • Cyprus  South - EUR 19 (up to 5kg), EUR 25 (5-10kg), EUR 38 (up to 20kg)
  • Israel - EUR 40 (up to 4,5kg), EUR 55 (4,5-9kg), EUR 85 (>10kg)
  • Serbia & Montenegro - EUR 35 (up to 4,5kg), EUR 45 (up to 9kg), EUR 50 (up to 11kg)
  • UK: EUR 20 (up to 4,5kg), EUR 25 (4,5-9kg), EUR 31 (>14kg)*
  • Island Surcharge needs to be booked extra for any island in Europe 

*Shipping to UK is again possible!


*Switzerland: Due to continued difficulties at the customs, we have changed the handling - this means that the fees for custom is included and the parcel will be delivered straight to your address.


If you wish to place an order to a country not listed here, please write to Cacao Mama



Island Surcharge in Europe · EUR 25,00

  • Mallorca, Mauritius, Sardinia, Madeira, and any other island in Spain, Portugal, Denmark - you know where you live!


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Organic & fair trade


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