© Grit Siwonia for Cacao Mama
© Grit Siwonia for Cacao Mama

Cacao Mama

Cacao Mama is the name entrusted to us by others. We have accepted the responsibility that comes with being a Cacao Mama. As ambassadors and guardians, we offer Spirit our voice and our body as a vessel. Cacao empowers us, nourishes us and warms us from within. We respect and guard this gift with love, joy, gratitude and humility. We love to sing for Cacao and send prayers to honour the Spirit.


The Cacao School

What was given to us, we give back to our tribe; in free resources, online programs and in-person education. Ecology, economy and spirit are interwoven in our worldview. The Cacao School is created as a resource for the growing Cacao Community. We honour Cacao’s history, look into science and nutrition, and expand into the global market. We offer earth rooted wisdom for how to use and offer Cacao respectfully in Ceremony.



We acknowledge that we have a kinship with beings other than human. Plants and animals, rocks, mountains and crystals, water and fire, the land, the places and their stories carry a sacred medicine within that they share generously with human beings. We give them a space inside our circle.



Sacred Life

Deep within, we remember a time when we were at one with the land and the living world. Yet, the ‘Grammar of Intimacy’* with the living world was not handed to us by our Elders. We’re not native to a place anymore. We journey to learn how to belong again. Learning true intimacy is our mastery. We recognise intimacy as the opposite of separation. We reclaim this intimacy, this sacred symbiosis with life.


Deepest Heart Intelligence

We recognise that Cacao carries within a powerful medicine which nourishes the soul, expands the mind and connects the human heart with the heartbeat of life itself. We honour Cacao’s generosity in sharing her medicine with human beings. We receive this medicine with the heart, our intuition and soul, remembering our sacred connection with spirit and life itself.


Sacred Cacao

We recognise Cacao as a living being, as a feminine, life-sustaining force which we call Spirit. To us, Cacao is a teacher, a healer, a guide and a friend. We address Cacao as such: with respect, with regard and with gratitude.



We acknowledge that we have a personal responsibility: to protect what is dear and sacred to us. We open medicine circles where we ‘remember to remember’. Here we witness that we often receive more than we give. We respond by donating a part of our income to Elders, Guardians and Tenders who protect something dear to their hearts. We see ethics, ritual safety and offerings as the next milestones within our human evolution. We wish for people to be educated in these areas so that they feel able to respond inside their communities.


*The ‘Grammar of Intimacy’ has been introduced by Robin Wal Kimmerer in her profound book Braiding Sweetgrass

The Elders

We are in deep reverence to the Elders who have preserved and guarded the teachings of the Cacao spirit and the old way of the 'Cacao Ceremony’. Their guardianship offers humans a powerful medicine to unite hearts and minds in these times of great change.


Balance, Beauty and Peace

The Cacao Spirit is the heart, the sun and the moon of Cacao Mama's universe. We have trained for many years and have been gradually initiated into Cacao’s consciousness, allowing the Collective to become our centre. Like in a medicine wheel this centre balances all directions; it has no beginning nor end but flows in spirals. We honour Cacao as a being of balance, beauty and harmony as they mediate between earth and cosmos. 


Restoring the Sacred

We understand that all experiences are stored within a group consciousness, a collective or tribe. The Cacao Collective wants to become golden again. The large-scale social, political and energetic misuse harms and weakens the original medicine. We aim to bring light into dark places, open doors of perception, witness our losses and ignite compassion. Restoration is the opposite of consumerism. We believe that human beings must restore their relationship with the sacred.


Urban Cacao Ceremonies

We see that living in the urban jungle holds new challenges. We have adapted the Cacao Ceremony in a way to bring beauty, harmony and balance to the hearts of people. We believe that Cacao assists a deeper transformation. In our Ceremonies we create Sacred Space, honour the ancestors, the elements and Spirit and serve the medicine in a sacred way.


The Rainbow Bridge

We share the idea that Cacao acts as a bridge of light to other souls. This bridge carries the colours of the rainbow. To make a rainbow, all colours of light must be included, none can be left out. The intelligence of the Rainbow unites people beyond nationality, culture and religion. We honour the global ‘Cacao Tribe’ for their contribution to a shift in consciousness. 



We are aware that growing, harvesting and producing Cacao is labour intensive. We have opened Cacao pods and peeled beans by hand. To us, Cacao is valuable. We honour the farmers and caretakers who grow Cacao for us and support their organic practices. We owe Cacao respect and do not waste Cacao in any means.



We understand that Cacao is deeply rooted in the Maya and Aztec tradition and is now following a path of the universal mystic. The ancient traditions around the world share messages to guide us into the future. We accept that gratitude is one major vibration that was given to human beings to keep the worlds in balance.


Messages from the Cacao Collective


· Expand your understanding of the living world. 

· Heal your relationship with Earth. Plant a garden.

· Honour Spirit in all forms, in all living beings. 

· Learn to communicate with Nature.

· Give thanks for what you have. 

· Respect the ones that came before you.

· Heal your inner child. Your true nature is joy. 

· Know your unique gift and how to share it with the world. 

· Honour the land, the stories and the place you come from. 

· Help when you are well and others are not.

· Flourish as an individual to uplift the whole. 

· Use your voice and power to create quality of life for all of your kin.

· Understand that you lay the foundation for generations to come.

· Respect, gratitude and love is the currency in the Spirit world. They are free. Use them.

· You are loved and supported beyond imagination. 


Cacao is love.


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