Cacao Mama is born from love for the pure loving Spirit of Cacao. We are an awareness driven enterprise weaving modern and ancient knowledge to serve the healing of Cacao on a global scale by offering heart opening, multidimensional experiences with Cacao. Cacao carries the blueprint of the New Earth Community. Together we are dreaming this Earth into reality.

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Three years ago Cacao Mama was born under this Oak tree in South Africa. What a beautiful journey it has been since then. This Healing Enterprise wouldn't have been possible without you, friends & stars of Cacao Mama. The participants, the helpers, the Cacao angels, and all those who have supported us along the way. To you, we say Thank You.

You have the opportunity to win Ceremonial Kits, Cacao Packages Sweet & Pure, Cacao Ceremony Experiences or an Earth School Sponsorship. Entry closes at 23:59 on 30th March. Enter our giving back prize draw here.


The Earth School is the New Heart of Cacao Mama. It interweaves modern and ancient knowledge to serve a healing for our relationship with Mother Earth. We offer guidance, wisdom, teachings, lectures and tools for the evolution of the Self. The Earth School is a School of Vision, a Mandala of metaphysical concepts; energetic healing, the shamanic & angelic realm, the Wisdom of Master Plants, sacred geometry, inner & global resources and Earth inspired wisdom. The trainings aim to create more connected, loving spaces. 


The Art of Ritual & Sacred Space · Ausbildung


Heilige Räume & Rituale reflektieren die universelle Matrix von Ordnung und Harmonie. Was sind die Merkmale eines gut aufgebauten Heilraumes und wie kreiert man transformative Erfahrungen? The Art of Ritual & Sacred Space ist eine 4-tägige Kalibrierung, Aktivierung und Initiierung für Heiler, Yogis, Lehrer und Kreative, um feinschwingende Erfahrungsräume für sich selbst und andere zu kreieren.


Earth School Training · Modul 1

in deutscher Sprache

06. - 09. April 2017 · Berlin

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The Art of Ritual & Sacred Space Facilitator Training


Sacred Spaces & Rituals reflect the universal matrix of harmony. What is the underlying structure of a Sacred Space and how can one create high-vibrational experiences? The Art of Ritual & Sacred Space is a 4-day calibration to initiate healers, yogis, teachers & creatives with energetic activation & sacred tools enabling them to create finely-tuned healing experiences for themselves & others.


Earth School Training · Module 1

English training

4th - 7th May 2017 ·  Berlin

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Sacred Cacao Ceremony Facilitator Training


The Sacred Cacao Ceremony - Facilitator Training is a dedication to the Master Plant Cacao, an offering to teach the sacred ways of how Cacao can be used in Ceremony. This 4-day intense training is intended to empower lightworkers, healers, yogis & bodyworkers with sacred initiations, tools, and Cacao wisdom & alchemy, to enable them to hold Sacred Cacao Ceremonies in their own communities.


Earth School Training · Module 2

English/German training

08th - 11th June 2017 · Berlin

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Earth Star Mandala is designed to support the Self through grounding, centering and aligning with your soul seed. Many of our daily activities such as long periods on a mobile phone or computer have the power to unground. Located below the soles of the feet, the Earth Star Chakra grounds you deeply into Earth’s consciousness. As we activate our Earth Star we will weave our intentions into a sacred Mandala to manifest these into the physical reality. There will be three activations:


Earth Star Mandala



Cacao Ceremony · Th, 20th April 2017 

7-10pm · english class · Berlin 

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Earth Star Mandala



Cacao Ceremony · Th, 18th May 2017 

7-10pm · german class · Berlin 

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Earth Star Mandala

 Solstice Edition


Cacao Ceremony · Th, 22nd June 2017 

8-11pm · english class · Berlin 

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Nutrition & Science


Cacao contains the highest concentration of antioxidants and magnesium of any food in the world, rich in chromium, theobromine, manganese, zinc, copper, iron, vitaminC, omega-6 fatty acids, tryptophan, serotonin, and more. Cacao is a highly effective natural energy enhancer & aphrodisiac. It contains PEA, a chemical that we produce when we fall in love. PEAs also play a role in increasing focus and alertness. Anandamide, known as the bliss chemical, has only been found in one plant - cacao.


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Global Market


Where does Cacao grow and who are the farmers, the gardeners of the Cacao plant? What journey does Cacao undertake, from the flower to the wonderful rich drink enjoyed in ceremony and what are the real costs of a bar of chocolate? Cacao is facing enormous global challenges forming a complex development issue touching the social, economic & environmental level. Explore the global market and flow, and how the future looks for Cacao on an economic and agricultural level. 


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History & Spirit


In Maya times, drinking chocolate was one of the privileges of high status individuals as it was considered the Food of the Gods. As a very precious substance it was reserved for the elite - the royal house, nobles,  priests, great warriors, shamans, artist, merchants. Marriages required the ceremonial use of cacao due to its fertility aspects and was part of the the initiation of marriage negotiations and the baptism of children. Cacao was regarded sacred, and was woven into the fabric of Mayan and Aztec culture. 


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Sustainable, fairtrade, raw & organic Cacao from Big Tree Farms Bali in cooperation with our dear friends from goodmoodfood. Big Tree Farms has worked for over 15 years in Indonesia directly and fairly with more than 13,000 small farming families, who grow highly nutritious and sustainable products in permaculture. These valuable products are produced conscientiously without the use of pesticides, herbicides or preservatives in the Big Tree Farms® "Bamboo Factory" in Bali. Some of our favourite products: 

Coconut Oil


The coconut is one of the most widely used foods in the world. The Big Tree Farms coconut oil consists of 100% cold pressed native coconut oil and is produced in a traditional oil mill in Sri Lanka. The coconut oil is carefully cold-pressed from the rich fruit pulp of the coconut so that the valuable ingredients are preserved. It is not refined, deodorized or bleached. The Big Tree Farms coconut oil has a mild taste. It is an ideal natural and vegan alternative. It can also be used for cosmetic purposes.


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Raw Organic Cacao Liquor


This fine, organic and raw cocoa liquor is cold-processed in an innovative production process. After drying the cocoa beans, the shell is broken and removed. The skinned cocoa beans are ground to a cocoa paste on stone mills. The resulting liquor mass retains its natural fat content and tastes intensively like cocoa. Recommended Use: For making chocolate, chocolate drinks, smoothies. Ceremonial grade & suitable for Cacao Ceremonies. Also available in 73% sweetened with Coconut Sugar.


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++New Arrival from Peru++


Raw Organic Cacao Liquor from Peru

Ceremonial Grade


We have a new arrival in the Store: a cold processed organic ceremonial grade cacao paste/liquor from Peru. This very finely ground liquor has a very intense & strong cocoa taste that can be used for ceremonial purposes. The liquor is available in a 500g block.


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Coconut Nectar


Looking for an agave replacement or honey alternative? Coconut nectar is the perfect healthy liquid sweetener alternative. It’s easy to use and easy to pour. Big Tree Farms Coconut Palm Sugar was featured by Dr. Oz – who called it "the best alternative to cane sugar." Try all varieties, from blonde with its delicate, almost citrusy finish, to dark amber that recalls notes of maple syrup. Organic, Certified Fair Trade, GMO-Free, Gluten-free, vegan, low-glycemic verified, high nutrient and unrefined


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Cacao Mama's Raw Chocolate Recipe 


This is the basic CACAO MAMA's raw cacao chocolate recipe that we love to offer at events and in the cacao meditation ceremonies. Enjoy the original recipe or try experimenting with different variations to create your very own raw cacao masterpiece. We love the raw cacao chocolate drink to be creamy and silky to touch all senses. The ORIGINAL is sugar-free, dairy free and slightly bitter. The raw cacao chocolate is detoxing and heart-opening. 


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Sweet & Sacred @

Agape Zoe Corfu Summerfestival



The beautiful spirit we've created at the AGAPE ZOE Festival in Berlin hits „The Emerald Isle“. 
Amongst the olive groves, at short distance from the beach, we will celebrate a magical gathering of music, dance, yoga, meditation and community. Join us for one or two weeks and enjoy an eclectic mix with more than 20 musicians, dancers, yogis, poets, artists and healers on the beautiful Island of Corfu. 


Cacao Ceremony · 08. - 22. July 2017

Corfu, Greece 

One or two week tickets available here


Sweet & Sacred Cacao Ceremony at Agape Zoe Healing Festival #9 with support from Mitsch Kohn. Pictures taken by the most wonderful Grit Siwonia