Cacao Mama is born from love for the pure loving Spirit of Cacao. As an awareness driven enterprise we're weaving modern and ancient knowledge to serve the healing of Cacao on a global scale by offering heart opening, multidimensional experiences. Cacao carries the blueprint of the New Earth Community. With the Earth School we collect the messages found in the Spirit of Nature, cultivate wisdom together and offer our power and voice to speak up for the preciousness of life. The Earth School is a School of Vision to empower and awaken the Wisdom Keepers, Earth Speakers and Earth Healers. Together we are dreaming this Earth into reality.

Cacao Lover

Online Experience


A five-week guided experience to connect with Spirit

In English 


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Cacao Mama

Cacao Ceremony


20th August 2020 · 7.30 pm

Special guest: Ca Ra

Berlin · Mitte

In English


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Cacao Mama

Ceremony Training


2nd September - 14th December 2020

Certified Online Ceremony Training

In English


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Arriba Nacional from Ecuador · FOR CEREMONIAL USE

Back in stock ♥︎

Wild grown & harvested Cacao from Bolivia · For Ceremonial Use

Raw organic Cacao from Peru · For Ceremonial Use

Raw Cacao from BALI · For Ceremonial Use

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