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© Kristiana Pinne

Gardening a Cacao Forest


The Cacao Gardener initiative is born from deep love for the Cacao Spirit. To renew our sacred bond with Mother Earth, we support the restoration of thriving Cacao forests around the globe, planting trees, restoring traditional knowledge and cultivating spirit within our offerings. We nurture the vision of growing Cacao in a sacred way, protecting the plant and its original medicine and serving Cacao with integrity. Join us on a journey into the Cacao forest.


Cultivating Spirit


We, the Cacao Gardeners, are weavers of spirit, guardians of the earth, facilitators of sacred practices, healing artists, ceremonial leaders, keepers of the fire, students and weavers of life working with sacred Cacao within our ceremonies, healing arts and practices. We are in service to the evolution of consciousness and believe in a spirited global culture on Pachamama. Become a Cacao 'Spirit' Gardener and a guardian of a sacred Cacao tree. 


Plant a Cacao Tree

Make a one-time gift and plant a Cacao tree. We will receive your offering as a blessing and sacred prayer to the Cacao Spirit and Pachamama. Your gift nourishes the vision to co-create a future of a heart-centred global culture. Together, we proudly support the birthing of Cacao trees and gardening a spirited Cacao forest. Thank you for your support and care. 


Be part of a greater vision

The Cacao Gardener gift of EUR 55 is used to plant, tend, grow, and maintain Cacao trees and their neighbouring trees - from the tree nursery to a strong forest ecosystem. We are committed to raising awareness of spirited reforestation practices in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia. Will you be joining us?


Plant a Cacao Tree in Colombia · Garden a Spirited Cacao Forest · For a Heart-Centred Culture

Gift a Cacao Tree to yourself or as a present to a loved one.

Here's what you'll receive in sacred reciprocity

A beautifully illustrated Cacao Gardener ebook with spirited Cacao stories, a Cacao ritual and recipe, and insights and illustrations from our dedicated Cacao Gardener team.


A 10 minute audio-music Meditation of a Cacao Tree in English or German guiding you with voice and the handpan into the heart of the Cacao forest.

Your Cacao Gardener certificate with the exact location of your Cacao Tree in the Sierra Nevada.


The coloured "I am a Cacao Gardener logo" to be used on your website and social media. State your intention, commitment and support effortlessly.


Join our regular Cacao Gardener Online Weaving Circle to get insights about our work in the Spirited Cacao Forest and co-create with us a heart-centred global culture.


Invitation to visit the plantation in the Sierra Nevada. Gain hands-on experience, get to know the native culture  and learn from the forest & Pachamama.



Our first project to fund is the Sierra Divina Cacao forest in Colombia. We are excited that we are part of planting an entire Cacao Forest.

© Michael Baron
© Michael Baron


Sierra Divina is a young project with the vision to plant 11,111 Cacao trees and establish a regenerative Cacao forest of ten hectares using permaculture design. It is located at the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in the North of Colombia, the ancient land of the Teyuna, who call it the 'Heart of the World'.


The founders Ricardo Leyva and Juan Pablo want their Cacao forest to grow in a sacred way. To honour the land and traditions, they reached out to the Teyuna before planting the first Cacao trees in June 2021. One of the Elders performed a 'pagamento' for the Cacao forest, a payment to Mother Earth to keep the balance between giving and receiving. 

Ricardo and Juan promise to maintain the growth and wellbeing of the Cacao trees. They feel as well that Cacao is "not a commodity”, but a sacred “plant medicine, a wisdom keeper, a unifier, a Spirit.”


Why we co-create with Sierra Divina in Colombia

  • We love to support the sustainable fine Cacao production in Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia. Cacao beans from this area are well known for their high quality of aroma and flavour.
  • Sierra Nevada was designated as one of UNESCO´s Biosphere Reserves. To grow a Cacao forest there helps to protect" a global biodiversity hotspot.
  • Having the possibility to fund a Cacao forest in the 'Heart of the World' – as the indigenous Teyuna call their land – makes our hearts happy and our faces smile.


Juan Pablo


"For us Cacao is not a commodity. For us Cacao is sacred, a plant medicine, a wisdom keeper, a unifier, a Spirit. Cacao beens, gifted with the flavours and aromas of mother earth, generously nourish our bodies and our souls, open our hearts and teach us to live happy, peaceful and compassionate lives.


We are Cacao guardians in Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the heart of the world; and we celebrate life by regenerating the soils, by embracing ancient wisdom, by cultivating food rich in minerals and other plant medicines, by maintaining natural reserves to host biodiversity, health and happiness, by empowering the growers with open-source information and by welcoming guests from all around the world to feel inspired, to heal, to be present, connected and in harmony with nature and inner truth.


As a company we believe in the power of business to transform reality, to create positive economic, social and environmental impact. When the only purpose of business is the pursuit of money and trying to meet short term needs the results are economic injustice, social and environmental degradation. Our goal is to achieve the balance of purpose and profit, to honour our long-term responsibility towards society and environment."


– Sierra Divina Manifesto



Plant a Cacao tree and help setting up an entire forest. Our initial goal is to secure 450 guardianships and beginning with the Spring Equinox 2022 nurse, establish and plant 1 hectare of Cacao forestry ecosystem with a total of 1,111 Cacao trees, 1,000 plantains and 130 oak trees that serve as mother shade trees to the Cacao. This is gonna be an exciting journey and you are invited to be part of every step from seed to Cacao tree. 


Within five years we intend to help planting altogether 11,110 Cacao trees, 10,000 plantains and 1,300 oak trees adding up to 12,410 trees on 10 hectares of land. It is our intention to seed - with every planted tree - blessings, consciousness and an environment that allows us to put our hands into the soil and feel deepest kinship with the natural world.

Plant a Cacao Tree in Colombia today.

Together, we'll build a bridge into the Cacao forest.








We offer the ancient ritual of Cacao in Ceremony to align with the human heart, the heart of the forest and the heartbeat of creation. We work with Cacao in a sacred, respectful, and sustainable way. In Ceremony, we remember how to be in right relationship with the living world and envision a spirited, heart-centred global culture. 


We encourage closing a circle within our offerings, blessing the source, learning about sustainable practices on the field and supporting the Cacao farmers and their families. We intend to collaborate with visionaries who protect biospheres and diversity, sustain the quality of life. We dare to dream a strong bridge between people, plants and traditions into existence, so consciousness, gratitude and love can blossom, telling stories of the land filled with presence, abundance, and passion to be  passed on to the next generations.


With the Cacao Gardener Initiative we bring gifts and offerings to the Cacao tree. We invite you to take the journey with us to become a Cacao 'Spirit' Gardener and a guardian of Pachamama yourself. 


Connect with us via email.




The Heart of the Forest - We cultivate awareness for the Cacao Spirit, the Tribal Elder Spirits of the forest and for Pachamama. Our gifts to the Cacao Gardener vision are considered a sacred blessing to the spirits of the rain forest, the planting of trees as well as for the safeguarding of traditional knowledge and sacred practices. We believe that we harvest what we plant and cultivate respect for us and the living world.


Cultivating Spirit - We envision growing into a global community of Cacao Gardeners who align to cultivate Spirit within their offerings. We intend to learn from the Cacao tree and witness all stages from planting to growing to harvesting. Feel welcome whether you are a guardian of the earth, a facilitator of sacred practices, a healing artist, a ceremonial leader, a keeper of the fire, or a student of life.


Reporting to Pachamama - We respect Pachamama as our teacher and report to her. We honour the resources we are given, value rest and relaxation and remember to breathe out. We are guided by the evolution of consciousness, yet strive for the simple way of the heart. We open to receive the guidelines of the 'Honourable Harvest'. In our work, including our communication and interactions, we follow the circle way. We cultivate transparency.


Cacao Blessing -Our partners are visionaries who are committed to protecting and safeguarding biodiverse Cacao forests and who intend to invest in the cultivation of traditional Cacao seeds, varieties and knowledge and practices related to the sustainable and ceremonial production (and consumption) of Cacao. As treasurers we ensure that the blessing of the Cacao Gardeners arrive.




In early 2017 I started to share the teachings of the Cacao Spirit through the Cacao School and shared the classroom with beautiful people from all around the world.


In almost every class, we discussed the idea of closing a circle within our offerings while looking at Cacao's history, the global market and how the once sacred plant Cacao was transformed by the Europeans - first into medicine and then into industrial chocolate. Later, we entered the state of Ceremony and experienced the original heart medicine of the Cacao Spirit and witnessed how we were able to connect with a highly evolved consciousness effortlessly. The veils between the worlds lifted and carried the voice of the forest, calling us. 


We wanted to connect with the source of Cacao and envisioned becoming godmothers and godparents to a Cacao tree. What if we could give something meaningful for all that we had received from the Cacao Spirit? 


© Serap Kara
© Serap Kara


There are those projects that do not flow until you find the right ingredients. I think about one creation myth of the Mayan people: "many ingredients were mixed, but only when Cacao was added, the human was created". I needed a team and the experience of working together for the vision to come into manifestation. In 2020, I asked students to step into the medicine circle, represent one element and midwife a vision that allows to come full circle within our offerings. 


Within the dreaming process we opened to be guided on how to value our resources, cultivate the circle way, breathe out instead of pushing through and overall enjoy our humanness while dreaming a bridge to carry intentions and sacred blessings for the nurturing of Pachamama and the Cacao Elder Spirits. Meeting every (other) week, we experienced the blessing of practice, patience and continuity. Then we were introduced to the Sierra Divina project and started to build a bridge between Europe and Colombia.


We welcome you into the sacred circle and to a journey into the heart of the sacred forest and into the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Colombia, the place the Kogi Mamos and Teyuna Elders call the 'Heart of the World'. We envision to growing into a global community of Cacao Gardeners who align with the Cacao Elder Spirits to cultivate integrity and wisdom within their sacred offerings. Feel welcome whether you are a guardian of the earth, a facilitator of sacred practices, a healing artist, a ceremonial leader, a keeper of the fire, or a student of life. 


Thank you for being the guardian that you are. We are weaving. And we are many. 


Serap Kara

Berlin, Autumn Equinox 2021

We align with the Sustainable Development Goals




Artwork by the super gifted Alexis Aronson from Cape Town, South Africa



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