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An insight into the characteristics and the spiritual & energetic properties of Cacao from Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia & Bali

What is the difference between the specific cacao varieties and which cacao is suitable for which kind of work? Next to the sensory aspects such as the aroma, texture and taste, cacao has a spiritual and energetic dimension that unfolds, especially in a ceremonial setting. 


The Cacao Deva acts uniquely and individually on a personal level, through feelings, the heart, and intuition. Sometimes she envelops you, opens your heart and leads you into radiant landscapes. Sometimes she is a teacher helping you to see things more clearly. Sometimes she is a friend who tells you when it's time to let go, to surrender, or to fly off. But Cacao always teaches you - about balance, being human and the universal laws. Like a being from another time, it wants to hand over the codes for a connected way of living.


Cacao as a plant and spirit combined, is influenced differently and has varying energetic aspects depending on the conditions of growth and countries of origin. The following overview gives an insight into the energetic and spiritual dimension of cacao varieties from Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Bali.

Cacao from Bali

This Cacao from Bali is earthy, slightly bitter, smoky (although not roasted) & sweet on the tip of the tongue. It's a unique combination on the palate as the acidity combines with the sweet and bitter notes, producing a wonderfully individual flavour. It is creamy and smooth in texture, reminiscent of a dark chocolate bar. 


Energetic & Spiritual Properties

‘A welcoming invitation into full-bodied expansion’


The Cacao from Bali is like a gentle force which interacts directly with the heart and the roots, bringing you straight into the body. This Cacao has a very focused power, igniting the fire (the Sun) within the energetic heart. This solar vibration runs down the energetic centers, like waves into the roots, offering a deep sense of grounding. Once nestled in the roots, the spiritual power opens up like a lotus, filling the inner landscape with joy and wonder through the gravity and stability of a lovingly held space.


The energy speaks from deep within to the upper energy centers, establishing a protected connection to cosmic realms and opening a beautiful inner space for self-exploration. Through the solar, transformative energy a balanced microcosm is created and harmonised within. The energy of this Cacao can be perceived as a masculine container that holds the creative feminine potential inside. This promotes deep insight and balance by offering a colourful, expansive inner world exploration.


This strong, earthy cacao has a full-bodied character which is imprinted with the volcanic energy and the colors of Bali and is compatible for explorative and deeply fulfilling/grounding cacao rituals both for individuals as well as for groups.

Cacao from Bolivia

This wild-harvested cacao from Bolivia is very balanced, soft, floral, and sweet in taste. It is reminiscent of honey and has a light, pleasant acidity with a touch of salt, carrying tones of the sea.




Energetic & Spiritual Properties

‘A sacred invitation into the dream of the New Earth’


The wild-harvested cacao from Bolivia is exceptional, balanced and complete in its spiritual essence. This cacao activates and restores the roots and connects us to Pachamama, Mother Earth, a connection we urgently need in this time of creation. From there, the deva takes us lovingly into the realm of the heart, to be explored in great depths. At the same time the channel upwards is re-calibrated, and the third eye and the crown chakra are touched. This is felt as a balancing of the energetic bodies.


The gift of this cacao is a reminder of the preciousness of life. It touches all senses and unfolds in spacious, powerful waves throughout the energetic system. This cacao paints aspects of the sea, the rainforest and nature in a very healing way and reminds us of an Earth as we dream it to be - in harmonious balance and in its fullest expression of a sacred life.


This extraordinary wild harvested cacao from Bolivia carries the codes of wholeness and is suitable for deeply cosmic cacao rituals both for individuals and groups.

Cacao from Ecuador

This Arriba Nacional variety Cacao from Ecuador is rich, warm, and chocolatey. It's creamy in texture & gentle but well-rounded in taste. This Cacao creates an impressive balance between its sweet flavours and its full earthy body, which spark joy and pleasure through the palate.


Energetic & Spiritual Properties

‘A strong invitation into the heart of creation’


This fine Cacao from Ecuador carries a high density but balance of information and is impressive in its offering. This Cacao is very loving, embracing and peaceful. Its vibration grounds you gently down to Earth and calibrates the roots, the energetic heart (rather than the physical) and the third-eye & crown energy centres. From there it flows into the aura - simultaneously expanding the inner space with a divine medicine, and assisting and guiding you on a journey of inner and outer calibration, alignment and deepening understanding.


The offering of this Cacao is a profound connection to the heart of creation. The playful and creative energy moves in green & golden light into all areas of your body, like a pulsating, dancing energy which evokes a sense of connection and understanding. The divine energy of this Cacao is strongly grounding & invites you to land on this Earth, reminding you of your gift & power to manifest your higher dreams. 


This very impressive cacao from Ecuador carries ancient vibrations of creation and is suitable for gentle opening and connection Cacao rituals, both for individuals and groups. 

Cacao from Peru

This cacao from Peru, with a spirited temperament is beautifully intense and firm in texture. It contains light notes of coffee & pepper, with a pleasant acidity, which means it tastes subtly yet naturally hot.




Energetic & Spiritual Properties

‘A powerful invitation into the essence of clarity’


The Cacao from Peru acts in its spiritual essence with a structured clarity and robust presence especially on the first three chakras (base, sacral and solar plexus chakra). This cacao enters the inner space with beautiful precision, aiming to give us a gentle gift: the gift of clarity. The deva leads us into inner landscapes with lush nature and mountains that carry the energy of stability and wisdom. The spiritual essence of this cacao is both loving & very clear with a fiery intensity. In larger quantities (30-35g) we feel rising heat in the body.


With this transformational energy, we are invited to journey deep, and when we surrender fully to the intensity, the deva offers clear messages and release. Layers that have long been forgotten can be touched and transformed.


This cacao, full of character, embodies the energy of the complex Peruvian landscapes and is suitable for clarifying, grounding and transformational cacao rituals, both for individuals and groups.

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