Cacao Guardian · 2021
♥︎ Cacao School · 01. May 2021
The Cacao Guardian Initiation and Medicine Training is a guided online & in-person training and a sacred journey into the loving consciousness of Cacao. Cacao Guardian is an offering for people who wish to learn the art of holding a Cacao Ceremony or have started to facilitate Cacao rituals and ceremonies already and wish to deeply understand how Cacao weaves her medicine magic within a sacred group setting.
In Ceremony ·  Edition No 3
♥︎ Cacao School · 01. April 2021
IN CEREMONY with Cacao Mama, edition No. 3. Choose to be in ceremony with Cacao, shared rituals from our community, earth day and returning home.

In Ceremony ·  Edition No 2
In Ceremony · Magazine · 05. March 2021
IN CEREMONY with Cacao Mama. In edition No. 2 we prepare for Spring and Cacao Mama's solar return. We look at why we no longer give heavy energies to Mother Earth, share flowers from our wisdom library and share practices for being in Ceremony.
On heavy energies
♥︎ Cacao School · 01. March 2021
With being present and conscious with Pachamama, we don't give heavy energies to her any longer. We give it neither in meditations, yoga classes nor in any other practice. It's not that Pachamama cannot handle it. She can, as she is the master of presence, the master of ceremony.

Cacao Ceremony Training
♥︎ Cacao School · 27. February 2021
A 4-month guided online training from February 27 - June 24, 2021, led by Serap Kara. Learn the sacred art of holding a Cacao Ceremony and deepen your bond to come into alignment with the ancient teachings of the Cacao Spirit.
In Ceremony · Magazine · 03. February 2021
IN CEREMONY with Cacao Mama. Starting with Imbolc, we open Cacao Mama's apothecary to share our medicine for the transition ahead. Thank you Cacao!

♥︎ Cacao School · 13. January 2021
The Cacao Mama Medicine Woman training is a guided online training and advanced journey into the heart of Cacao Mama. Cacao Mama Medicine Woman speaks to souls who have a deep bond with Cacao, practice the art of holding Cacao ceremonies, weave her medicine with integrity and wish to align closely with the Spiritkeeper of the Cacao Collective.
♥︎ Cacao School · 24. July 2020
Cacao Lover is a five-week guided online program to offer you avenues to connect with the Spirit and the Soul of Cacao. The Spirit is an intelligence that exists beyond time and space, a vibration that can be accessed, within, carrying timeless information. Calling in a plant teacher may offer you guidance and a deeper understanding of the Self for the times ahead.

♥︎ Cacao School · 23. March 2020
Recommendations and medicine for the mind, the body, the heart and the soul to navigate transitions.
♥︎ Cacao School · 07. January 2020
Cacao is a powerful plant Spirit and unique in her alchemy. She works through feeling, the heart, and intuition, in a different way with each person. We share some helpful information when you wish to enter the spiritual realm of Cacao in a ritual and explain keys that open the medicine.

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