This rare, wild-harvested cacao from Bolivia is very balanced, soft, floral, and sweet in taste. It is reminiscent of honey and has a light, pleasant acidity with a touch of salt, carrying tones of the sea. 


Available sizes: 450g & 1kg 'chocolate bar'



This Cacao has a spirited temperament is beautifully intense and firm in texture. It contains light notes of coffee & pepper, with a pleasant acidity, which means it tastes subtly yet naturally hot. 


Available sizes: 500g block & 1kg drops




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Sourced with love ⊹ Meet the people behind

Big Tree Farms has worked for more than 15 years in Indonesia directly and fairly with more than 13,000 small farming families, who grow highly nutritious and sustainable products in permaculture (≠ monoculture). These valuable products are produced conscientiously without the use of pesticides, herbicides or preservatives in the Big Tree Farms® "Bamboo Factory" in Bali. 

Our partner goodmoodfood brings a new dimension of organic and high-quality food to the market and to the people. Founded in 2010, all products are planted and harvested with love and passion, and processed as little as possible. "It is important to us that each and every one of the production and retail chains is fairly rewarded for their efforts. "

Baures is the name of a town located in the eastern lowlands of Bolivian Amazon area, but it is also the name of a native ethnic group (Baure). The trade mark, “Chocolate Baure” is a collection of chocolate bars with different organic cacao liquor percentages based on wild growing cocoa seeds in remote areas of the Bolivian Amazon.


Working with Cacao in Ceremony - The energetic & spiritual properties


What is the difference between the specific cacao varieties and which cacao is suitable for which kind of work? Next to the sensory aspects such as the aroma, texture and taste, cacao has a spiritual and energetic dimension that unfolds, especially in a ceremonial setting. The following overview gives an insight into the energetic and spiritual dimension of cacao varieties from Bali, Peru and Bolivia. Read the article

Arbeiten mit zeremoniellem Kakao - Die energetischen & spirituellen Eigenschaften 


Was ist der Unterschied zwischen den spezifischen Kakaosorten & welcher Kakao ist für welche Arbeit geeignet? Neben den sinnlichen Aspekten wie Aroma, Textur und Geschmack, besitzt Kakao eine spirituelle Dimension, die sich vor allem in der Zeremonie entfaltet. Die folgende Übersicht gibt einen Einblick in die energetische & spirituelle Dimension des Kakao aus Bali, Peru und Bolivien. Artikel lesen

Cacao Mama's Raw Chocolate Recipe 



This is the basic CACAO MAMA's raw cacao chocolate recipe that I love to offer at events and in the cacao ceremonies. Enjoy the original recipe or try experimenting with different variations to create your very own raw cacao masterpiece. I love the raw cacao chocolate drink to be creamy and silky to touch all senses. The ORIGINAL is sugar-free, dairy free and slightly bitter. Read the article