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What is your unique relationship with Cacao? What do you wish to awaken for yourself  and how may your findings add to a larger picture?


Many people from all walks of life feel called by Cacao and hear the voice of Mother Nature through her offerings. To us, Cacao is not only chocolate, but a consciousness and intelligence. We honour Cacao as an ancient tribal teacher plant and keeper of sacred wisdom. Being guarded by Elders, Cacao offers us gateways to reconnect with the heart and the invisible harmony that surrounds us. Cacao is Love. 

© Cacao Mama by Grit Siwonia


... and a sacred space for self-study. Over the course of five weeks we're guiding you into the consciousness of Cacao. Each week opens a different avenue with a guided Ritual Dream Time Meditation at its core to connect, (re)align, and feel the unique vibration and magic of our beloved and ancient teacher plant Cacao. The course opens with a week to tune-in and offers a week for integration. The Cacao Lover experience will be available to you for an entire year. The course includes: 


⊹ 18 inspirational video lectures
⊹ 20 pages of pdf material
⊹ 5 prerecorded  Ritual Dream Time audio meditations

⊹ 5 medicine music playlists

⊹ Cacao Resources


⊹ 5 servings of 20-35g ceremonial Cacao
⊹ A beautiful journal for this course 
⊹ Dedicated moments for yourself
⊹ A brave heart to explore the world of Spirit
⊹ Joy in your creations 



  • The Spirit of Cacao
  • Cacao in Ceremony 
  • Welcoming and calling in the sacred plant teacher Cacao 


  • The Sun-related energies of Cacao
  • The world of the Maya and Aztecs
  • Cacao, a group consciousness
  • The Cacao medicine in the light of the Sun  


  • The mystery and the unknown
  • Mama Cacao
  • Cacao's traditional relationship with the night, water and fertility
  • The language of your intuition.



  • The Tree of Life
  • Inner landscape explorations - a ceremony space inside
  • Uniting the qualities of the Sun and the Moon within


  • Calling in Spirit
  • The circle of love
  • Drinking chocolate together 
  • A larger picture that allows our human kindness to be expressed 


  • Creating Sacred Space and coming full circle practices
  • Ritual Dream Time Template
  • Cacao preparation, nutrients and alchemy



EUR 225

one time payment



EUR 75

for 3 months


Hello, my name is Serap and I welcome you! I'm a Medicine Woman, Earth Guardian, teacher and Cacao Mama.


When I met the Cacao Spirit ten years ago she shared with me: 'We want to be golden again'. This has been Cacao Mama's mission since the founding in Spring 2014 and since then, I've helped to open the consciousness for the Spirit across the borders of Europe. I've shared the space with people from all over the world and all walks of life in hundreds of ceremonies, practices and medicine circles and love to create finely tuned healing experiences, so that we may remember our natural state of Spirit connection and the way of ceremony. 


Cacao Mama has become a midwife for an awakened consciousness and I'm sharing her essence with our global community. Cacao Mama is for the lovers, the tenders, the teachers, healers, speakers and ambassadors in and outside of you. Cacao Mama's medicine heart beats in rhythm with Mother Earth. May you be guided while you remember your roots and trust your unique medicine ways for weaving the golden threads for a peacefully connected global culture. May you ignite Spirit inside of you and offer your power and voice to speak up for the preciousness of life. 

Cacao Mama
Serap Kara, Founder of Cacao Mama by Jaqueline Louan



"The Cacao Lover Experience invited me to connect with the Spirit of Cacao on a deeper level through creating time and Sacred space for me to be guided through a beautiful flow of meditations, music and incredible resources that allowed me to view my Inner World with fresh perspective and therefore my outer world too through embodying the different energies that Mother Earth has to offer us in abundance. The experience allows us to remember the importance of living life with intention and that we have an abundance of love, support and guidance that surrounds us. The experience can also teach us how to regain trust in ourselves, really remember the value of Mother Earth -our Home and most importantly our Intuition." Charlotte ♥︎ 


"I discovered a strong connection to spirit, to nature, to the ancestors and I often saw myself sitting around a fire within an old indigenous tribe." Sina ♥︎ 



"Love surrounds everyone and everything."  Agnes ♥︎ 


"The most valuable insight is that Cacao Lover confirmed to me that Cacao is my (heart) medicine (right now). She opens my heart, cracks me wide open, helps me heal myself, connects me deeply to myself and so much more. It really was a confirmation that I'm on the right path and I will continue to work with Cacao." Lena ♥︎ 


"Cacao Lover helps you to connect with the Spirit of Cacao and Mother Earth, which ultimately is connection with your deepest or highest self, whatever you would like to call it. With its information, music and meditations it guides you into new corners of yourself to discover that there is much more than your busy mind and old stories and that you are safe and whole." Nina ♥︎ 


"Discovering the moon qualities inside me, which were so fine, sparking, calm and felt very deep. And that I can be filled with sun qualities too feel comfortable to then discover the moon further. And that there are soo many aspects of the sun & the moon."  Alisa ♥︎ 



 get to know the Cacao Spirit

 explore avenues to enter the Cacao consciousness

 inspire and deepen your relationship

 create a nourishing Cacao space for yourself

 feel into Cacao Mama's universal perspective on Cacao



 want to learn the art of holding group ceremonies. In Cacao Lover we do not cover topics such as ritual safety, group dynamics, holding space or ethics. Please visit Cacao Mama Ceremony Training or the Cacao Guardian Medicine  Training. 



We give back to the Source and support wisdom keepers and tenders.

In the past year we've supported:


Mama Celia

Traditional Healer Ecuador


Ophelia's Cacao Farm

Keeper of heirloom Cacao varieties


Palo Santo Reforestation Project

Sustainably harvested Palo Santo Ecuador






 camera work & editing · 

Antje Krug


music · Erik Manouz


logo · Laura Weider


pictures · Grit Siwonia


co-creation · Marlene Halser


text editing · Romana Cottee 


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