On heavy energies

Why We no longer give heavy energies to mother earth

Text By SERAP Kara · Pictures by Grit Siwonia

Pachamama is the master of ceremony. She is ever-present. She is sacred space. Where ever you go, she's right there and always with you. You cannot be without her. By honouring this very moment, you offer your presence to Pachamama and confirm your sacred bond of union. 

How conscious are you with Pachamama? Do you breathe with her? Do you give thanks for the bounty she offers? Do you bless your food, the water you drink, the air you breathe? We are invited to be conscious with Pachamama, conscious with her essence and life energy.

In the Andean tradition the cosmic law of AYNI, meaning sacred reciprocity, says that energy never goes one way. It would come back. Especially when sent consciously. Letting go in spiritual practice is often associated with releasing heavy energies into the Earth.

With being present and conscious with Pachamama, we don't give heavy energies to her any longer. We give it neither in meditations, yoga classes nor in any other practice.  It's not that Pachamama cannot handle it. She can, as she is the master of presence, the master of ceremony. 

The energy given consciously comes back to us and we need to take it back at some point. It comes back in moments of vulnerability or distraction, in moments we least expect. Knowing this, what do we wish to seed and thus harvest? What we want to give to Pachamama is only love, gratitude, flowers, blessings, best wishes and prayers, knowing what we seed consciously will come back to us. 

'That is the ayni in which you want to be with Pachamama. That is the reciprocal exchange of energy with which you want to have with Pachamama. The least you can give back is your conscious presence back to her. That conscious presence is ceremony. That conscious presence is an offering.

Remember, nothing is yours. Everything is for you. What you give to Pachamama is who you are, not what you have. Whatever we offer to her as offerings like despacho offerings or sanchicha, the corn, beer, seeds, candies or flowers, those are complimentary gifts to Pachamama. The most sacred, pure, fundamental gift back to Pachamama is your conscious presence, is being here for Pachamama.' - Puma

I've received this teaching from the Andean medicine man Puma Fredy Quispe Singona with whom I study the ancient teachings of his lineage. Puma opens avenues into the divine origins of the Andean people and shares a cosmo-vision on how to be in 'best service and communion' with Pachamama and the cosmos. I'm sharing his teaching with permission. 

An exercise to transform heavy energies is to imagine me inside a crystal or crystalline sphere. Crystals can only channel highly refined energy. Everything that flows in or out is transmuted. My teacher Mari Nil taught me that crystal beings are powerful. Their light acts like a laser of rainbow colours, condensed to one coherent light.

I visualise being present with the pain, the grief, the loss until the feelings alter and leave my space as a thousand flowers and blessings to the sacred space and Pachamama herself.

May we seed a thousand blessings to be harvested.


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