Ceremony & Ritual | Story & Council | Root Wisdom | Into the Wild

The retreat will be held in German. 


12th - 15th October 2017

Taubenblau Stolzenhagen, Brandenburg

Breathing light and resting in intention. Remembering. Root wisdom and stories from our many travels, metamorphosing into the deep song of the majestic dance. Sharing unspoken life stories around Grandfather Fire. Learning from each other, soul medicine offering. Developing, enveloping. An invitation for the dreamweavers, travelers and spirits. Universal Medicine. Sacred Circle. Holy Mandala. Earthhood.


Earth Medicine Cacao Retreat Cacao Mama October Berlin

We will create Sacred Space; calling in the Medicine of The Divine Mother, Grandmother Spider, Grandfather Fire, The Earth Dragons & Sacred Cacao to assist us on this journey .


Earth Medicine Cacao Retreat Cacao Mama October Berlin

From the moment of arrival to the moment of departure, our time together is in Ceremony. Our daily activities become rituals, inside and outside, with fire and nature.


Earth Medicine Cacao Retreat Cacao Mama October Berlin

A sacred space to share openly and sincerely, for a deeper sense of cooperation. What inspires you? What gives you strength? What can be activated in a shared council?


Earth Medicine Cacao Retreat Cacao Mama October Berlin

Turning reality upside down. That which is above is also below, that which is below is also above. See through a new perspective. 


Earth Medicine Cacao Retreat Cacao Mama October Berlin

Paper and coloured pencils, wax crayons and creative spaces. Nature mandalas. Seed altars. Playful colourful creations.  Release your creativity. 


Earth Medicine Cacao Retreat Cacao Mama October Berlin

Vegan, organic, local food, lovingly prepared - in bright yellow, deep orange, dark red, heavy green and rich purple. Pure Root & Soul Food.


'A blueprint of lines is connecting  the seen and unseen worlds of our universe. Our ancient legends say that Grandmother Spider wove the web of the universe to show us the interrelatedness of all things. We begin to see and feel the energy web of the universe when we heal our fears and release old wounds, lifting the veil of separation.' Jamie Sams



Cacao Mama Cacao Retreat The New Heart March 2017 Berlin

The Cacao Retreat will take place in the stunningly beautiful Taubenblau in Brandenburg. We will be staying in the nature-rich Uckermark, embedded in the Unteres Odertal National Park. After 10 minutes of walking, the flora and fauna are almost untouched. The house has fireplaces both inside and outside.

Cacao Mama Cacao Retreat The New Heart March 2017 Berlin

Silent spaces for introspection, and plenty of space for walking. A Demeter farm can be found in the village, in addition to a wild river with a view to Poland. Unteres Odertal National Park is Germany's only 'meadow' national park and is one of the most species-rich habitats for many types of bird.



Taubenblau offers the following accommodation options > Four separate bedrooms with double beds on the first floor. One bedroom with two single beds on the first floor. One bedroom with a double bed and bathroom on the second floor. A dormitory room with a skylight and four beds on the second floor. There is a bathroom complex on the first floor; with private showers, one bathtub, and toilet areas, easily accessible from all sleeping areas. We will also have access to a professional kitchen, a beautiful open dining area and the Taubenblau Seminar Room.


Cacao Mama Cacao Retreat The New Heart March 2017 Berlin


12th - 15th October 2017

Taubenblau Seminarhaus Stolzenhagen, Brandenburg


Our retreat starts on Thursday 12th of October 4pm. We will greet each other with a ritual in nature. The retreat closes at 3pm on Sunday the 15th of October. 


  • Daily ceremonies, meditations & rituals
  • Harmonising of Energetic Bodies & Chakras
  • Creative exploration of the inner landscape
  • Journaling, drawing and creative expression
  • Time in and with Nature
  • Active Imagination
  • Root Wisdom
  • Story & Council
  • Altar & Prayer
  • Fire Ritual


Serap is the founder of Cacao Mama & Earth School, a healing enterprise to honour the Medicine of the Earth. She is an Earth speaker, traveller, healer, student of the inner gold path and a guardian of the Cacao Spirit. Her Earth-Heart beats through her offerings and she is devoted to a life of intention, cosmic balance and establishing a re-connection with Mother Earth. 


“Since founding Cacao Mama & Earth School, I’ve guided people from all over the world to be touched by the powerful Medicine of the Earth. This retreat is designed to honour the strengths of women who came together often in circles to grow and inspire each other with their unique medicine. My intention for this retreat is to create a safe and gentle space for you to grow new roots & align with the Dream of the Earth."

Serap Kara Cacao Mama The New Heart Cacao Spring Retreat

Thursday: Initiation









3pm Arrival


4-7pm Opening Ceremony


7.30pm Dinner


9pm Greeting Grandfather Fire

Friday & Saturday: Story, Ritual & Weaving


8-9am Silent Breakfast


9-10am Morning Initiation


10-1pm Free Time


1pm Lunch


2-6.30pm Ceremony, Rituals & Stories


7pm Dinner


8pm Grandfather Fire


Sunday: Balance



 8-9am Silent Breakfast


9-11am Ceremony & Ritual


11-12pm Closing Ceremony


1pm Lunch


until 3pm Check Out 




*Subject to change



4 days/3 nights including vegan food and accommodation at Taubenblau: 


 Single Room · EUR 250

Dorm · EUR 215


Seminar fee:

EUR 360 Regular price

EUR 325 Early Booking (until 28th August 2017)



The retreat is designed for 12 participants, 

men & women welcome.


Prices include food & accommodation, daily ceremonies, rituals & meditations 

& a one-on-one call prior to the gathering.



The journey from Berlin by train takes 1 hour and costs EUR 10 > how to get there



Please note: You shouldn’t work with ceremonial doses of Cacao

if you are taking antidepressants or have a serious heart condition.



"A Cacao Retreat with Serap is an Inner and Outer Journey of colour, creativity, connectivity, joy, dance, purification and Love."



"Thank you for the opportunity and space that allowed me to travel into myself, travel further, expand myself amongst new friends."



"Connection, Awareness, Creativity, Authenticity, Ooooooommm."



"Tiefe Entspannung und Zentrierung, Stärkung und Klarheit, deutliche Botschaften in Bildern, Multi-dimensionale Öffnung, kraftvolle, helle Energien, Verbundenheit, als ob sich die Eindrücke, Erfahrungen und das angeeignete Wissen der Vergangenheit in einem Kreis neu anordnen & ihrem Platz finden."



"Ich bin eingetaucht in einen wärmenden, Schutz gebenden Mantel der Liebe - ein zutiefst tragendes Netz geknüpft aus den Verbindungen unserer Seelen - des Geborgenseins und Heilens."



"Es geht immer um die Balance, nur wenn die tiefe Verwurzelung da ist, bin ich in den höheren Ebenen sicher und aufgehoben. Dort, in der Balance, entsteht die Kraft. Mal ist es wichtig schnell zu agieren, mal wichtiger abzuwarten. Ich muss einen Erdtempel bauen."


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