Cacao Mama Cacao Retreat The New Heart March 2017 Berlin



In the cosmos among the planets, Mother Earth aligns her chakras into a higher vibration.

This one-year transition process culminates on March 8th with a New Heart Chakra.





Life is a web of energy, and anything in it is deeply connected and inter-related. This retreat is designed to rejuvenate and recalibrate your energy whilst being in the heart of nature. Our days together will work in harmony to activate the invisible web of interconnectedness with nature. You are invited to adopt a visionary perspective, and broaden your inner dimension in loving kindness using the Spirit of Cacao as a heart-centered anchor. Through guided meditations, creative expression, and spending time with the elements of nature we will align with the rhythm of the earth & the cosmos. The new heart chakra of the earth will set the pace for our journey.





2017 carries the energy of a fresh start. What seeds do you want to plant and cultivate? What is the dream of your soul, and what is the dream of the planet? Enter the great cosmic dance to bring your dream into reality. 



Cacao Mama Cacao Retreat The New Heart March 2017 Berlin

With the spiritual heart anchor of Cacao we will travel the energetic and planetary grids. We will grow deep roots, expand the inner space to open the universal space within.



Cacao Mama Cacao Retreat The New Heart March 2017 Berlin

Playful, creative expression is a central theme. We will move the body and spend time outside, exploring the beauty of the National Park. Writing, painting and artistic expression will help deepen your self-study.


Cacao Flower Cacao Mama Cacao Retreat The New Heart March 2017 Berlin

What is the secret of Cacao? How does it grow in Nature, how does it cultivate relationships with other plants and what makes it so very special? We’ll journey to the Source to gain wonderful insights into the most complex food on Earth.


Cacao Mama Cacao Retreat The New Heart March 2017 Berlin

The elements of Nature and the Fire will support us actively with a chimney or a bonfire in the garden. Under the energy of a full moon we are invited to surrender whatever is not serving us anymore to the fire of transformation.


Cacao Mama Cacao Retreat The New Heart March 2017 Berlin

Cacao is nurturing and equally detoxifying for the physical body. A plant based diet and fresh juices/ smoothies will support this process. You will leave feeling healthier, lighter and renewed.

Cacao Mama The Art of Cacao


"The Cacaosphere:

The mysterious realm where Heaven and Earth meet…in the Heart"


- David Wolfe


Cacao Mama Cacao Retreat The New Heart March 2017 Berlin
© Grit SIwonia

Cacao is a sacred plant medicine, a powerful facilitator and guide for inner work. Cacao teaches ancient practices of Unity, Love and Understanding and allows a deep connection with yourself and others. Cacao serves as an agent of worlds - a Rainbow Medicine. The Spirit of Cacao is pure joy; it calibrates the cells, activates deep interaction within and connects the dots. Cacao opens the gate to spiritual realms. We are invited to align with our heart, intuition, higher self and the Divine. Cacao balances the brain hemispheres, and the feminine & masculine dance within. A door-opener to the subtle energy bodies, it corrects the imbalance between the mind and the heart, allowing the heart to open fully to feel compassion, joy and unconditional love. Having been used traditionally as a sacred plant medicine to open the heart and enter spiritual realms, the Spirit of Cacao is a keeper of ancient, sacred wisdom.  


Cacao Mama Cacao Retreat The New Heart March 2017 Berlin

The Cacao Retreat will take place in the stunningly beautiful Taubenblau in Brandenburg. We will be staying in the nature-rich Uckermark, embedded in the Unteres Odertal National Park. After 10 minutes of walking, the flora and fauna are almost untouched. The house has a fireplace both inside and outside:

Cacao Mama Cacao Retreat The New Heart March 2017 Berlin

Silent spaces for introspection, and plenty of space for walking. A demeter farm can be found in the village, in addition to a wild river with a view to Poland. Unteres Odertal National Park is Germany's only meadow national park and is one of the most species-rich habitats for many types of bird.



Taubenblau offers four bedrooms with double beds, one bedroom with two single beds on the first floor, one bedroom with a double bed and also a dormitory room with a skylight with four beds on the second floor. There is a bathroom complex on the first floor; with private showers, one bathtub, and toilet areas, easily accessible from all sleeping areas. We will also have access to a professional kitchen, a beautiful open dining area and the Taubenblau Seminar Room.


Cacao Mama Cacao Retreat The New Heart March 2017 Berlin


09. - 12. MARCH 2017

Taubenblau Seminarhaus Stolzenhagen, Brandenburg


Our retreat starts on Thursday 9th of March 4pm. We will greet each other with a walk in nature. The retreat closes at 3pm on Sunday the 12th of March. 


  • Cacao Ceremonies, Meditations & Rituals
  • The Alchemy of Cacao, Tasting & Global Awareness
  • Planetary Heart Alignment
  • Harmonising of Energetic Bodies & Chakras
  • Creative Exploration of the Inner Landscapes through Writing, Painting and creative expression
  • Deep connection with the Elements
  • Movement, Dance & Time in Nature
  • Creative-Workshop
  • Fire Ritual


Serap is the founder of Cacao Mama and an ambassador for the Cacao Spirit. She is a certified energetic healing practitioner, cosmic dancer and Earth Speaker.


"Since starting Cacao Mama, I’ve guided people from all over the world to be touched by the healing, heart-opening power of Cacao. What I observe: by opening the axis and dimensions we feel more connected and part of something bigger.


My intention for this retreat is to create a safe space for you encounter the Spirit of Cacao and nourish your mind, body and spirit. Together with the Spirit I'd like to offer a deep, sensual soul journey in alignment with the universal heartbeat of life, love and magic."


Serap Kara Cacao Mama The New Heart Cacao Spring Retreat


Simone Meentzen is an artist, senior designer and tutor, teaching textile and creative skills at universities and in private workshops since 2008. She has many years worth of artistic and design experience for London-based textile studios, international designers and artists. With her collection Fiber&Heart®, she offers handcrafted textiles and jewelry made in her Berlin studio. Simone works with companies or individuals who value creative handmade skills, sustainability, a respectful interaction with natural and human resources.


"I will bring to the retreat my ability to guide participants through a creative process, and encourage playful artistic expression in a free-flowing, nourishing way."

Opening & Connection












15-16.00 Arrival


16-16.45 Into the Wild


17-20 Cacao Opening Ceremony


20 Dinner


21.30 Evening Fire Essence

The Heart & Cellular Alignment







8-9 Breakfast


9-12.45 Cacao Teaching & Ceremony


13-16 Lunch & Free Time


16–17 Movement


17.15-18.45 Creative Workshop


19 Dinner


20.30 Evening Fire Essence

Planetary Heart Alignment





7.30-8 Morning Essence


8-9 Silent Breakfast


9-10 Into the Wild




Deep Activation Ceremony: Alignment, Dance, Creative Workshop, Music & Sound, Nature



19 Dinner


20.30 Evening Fire Ritual

Balance & Closing Ritual





7.30-8 Morning Essence


8-9 Silent Breakfast


9-12 Closing Ceremony


13 Lunch 




until 15 Check Out 






*Subject to change



4 days/3 nights including vegan food and accommodation at Taubenblau: 


Single Room · 245€

Double Room · 230€ 

Dorm · 215€


Seminar fee:

270€ if you register before the 31st of January 2017

315€ if you register after the 01st of February 2017




The retreat is designed for 10-12 participants.


Prices include food & accommodation, daily ceremonies, rituals & meditations, creative workshops and a one-on-one call prior to the gathering.


The journey from Berlin by train takes 1 hour and costs 10€. 


Please note: You shouldn’t work with ceremonial doses of Cacao if you are taking antidepressants or have a serious heart condition.




As of Thursday, February 2 we are fully booked for The New HEART Retreat, thank you. I am happy welcoming you to a future event.

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