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Cacao Gardener is a not-for-profit initiative with a simple intention: Working together to plant trees and restore a biodiverse, spirited Cacao forest in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia. Join our community and become yourself a Cacao “Spirit” Gardener and a guardian to a sacred Cacao Tree.

Cacao Gardener Colombia · For the Sacred Forest

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© Ricardo Leyva

Seed by seed, a spirited Cacao forest is rising slowly in the North of Colombia, between the Caribbean coast and the high mountains and tropical rainforest of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. The land we are working with has rested for almost a decade to recover from deforestation and intensive cattle ranching. With joy and gratitude we witness now the return home of plants, trees and animals.


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Plant a Cacao tree and be part of a greater vision

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Make a one-time gift and plant a Cacao tree in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia. We will receive your offering as a blessing and sacred prayer to the Cacao Spirit and Pachamama. Together, we proudly support the birthing of Cacao trees. We are Cacao Gardeners. Thank you for your support and care. 


The Cacao Gardener gift of EUR 55 is used to plant, tend, grow, and maintain Cacao trees and their neighbouring trees - from the seedlings at the tree nursery to a strong forest ecosystem. We are committed to raising awareness of spirited reforestation practices in the Sierra. Will you be joining us? Plant a Cacao tree today - for yourself or as a present to a loved one. 


We have prepared a gift for you!

We gift you a beautifully illustrated Cacao Gardener ebook in English or German with spirited Cacao stories, rituals & recipes, and insights & illustrations from our dedicated Cacao Gardener team.


A 10 minute audio-music Meditation of a Cacao Tree in English or German guiding you with voice and the handpan into the heart of the Cacao forest.


Your Cacao Gardener certificate with the exact location of your Cacao Tree in the Sierra Nevada.

Invitation to visit the forest in the Sierra Nevada. Gain hands-on experience, get to know the native culture  and learn from the forest & Pachamama.


The coloured "I am a Cacao Gardener logo" to be used on your website and social media. State your intention, commitment and support effortlessly.


We love Cacao!

© Ricardo Leyva
© Ricardo Leyva

We love Cacao. We honour the sacred Cacao spirit gifting us with a heart-warming and soul-nourishing medicine. We want to learn from the Cacao tree and nurture all stages from planting, growing, harvesting to serving the heart-opening medicine in ceremony. Together, we weave the vision of a healthy, spirited Cacao forest grown in right relationship ♥︎

We align with the Sustainable Development Goals

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Cacao Gardener Artwork by Alexis Aronson from Cape Town, South Africa ♥︎

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