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Mother Earth is calling in her Guardians. 

Earth is a global cosmic space inside of you, and you are the perfect reflection of her elements. 

Re-connect with the cycles of Nature.

Ground deeply and feel welcome on this Earth Plane.

Nourish what is dear to you.


Earth is calling in the Guardians of the Soul.

Establish an intimate relationship with your Self.

Embody your gifts, talents and soul purpose.

Act with the sense and power of self-knowledge.

Be in tune with the universal heartbeat. 


Earth is calling in the Dreamers.

Dare to vision.

Activate your Wisdom Memory.

Re-vision the past, and build bridges to the future.

Keep weaving the Universe.


Earth is born of a universal vision. 

Together we dream the New Earth into reality.


The Earth School is the New Heart of Cacao Mama. Here, we interweave modern and ancient knowledge to serve a healing for our relationship with Mother Earth. We offer guidance, wisdom, teachings, lectures and tools for the evolution of the Self. To nourish precious Life that is in alignment with the universal matrix  of structure, harmony and global interconnection. 


The Earth School is a School of Vision. We aim to weave a Mandala of metaphysical concepts; energetic healing, the shamanic & angelic realm, the Wisdom of Master Plants, sacred geometry, inner & global resources and Earth inspired wisdom to empower & awaken the Earth & Wisdom Keepers, Earth Speakers and Earth Healers.



Source - Self Empowerment

Sacred Plants - Master & Teacher Plant Studies

Sacred Arts - Sacred Space & Sacred Art Studies

Education - Sacred Networks & Interconnections

Giving Back - Preserving Earth's most precious treasures

Modules & Seminars


The Art of Ritual & Sacred Space

Creating Transformative Spaces

Sacred Spaces & Rituals reflect the universal matrix of structure, harmony and interconnectedness. They hold a key to understanding the rhythms of the Earth, the universal heartbeat and the cosmic eco-system. When acting within this harmony, one can reshape and weave a new reality. What is the underlying blueprint of a Sacred Space and how can I create high-vibrational experiences? The Art of Ritual & Sacred Space is a 4-day intense calibration to initiate healers, leaders, yogis, teachers, healing artists & creatives with energetic activation and sacred tools which will enable you to create finely-tuned healing experiences for yourself & others.


Module 1 is an introduction into the world of nature based rituals and offers fundamental principles for generating energy and creating Sacred Spaces - for yourself, professionally and personally, and in your offerings as a teacher, actor, musician, creative or body therapist.


Cacao Guardian

Sacred Initiation & Training

Cacao enters our social reality with a whole new power - a Cacao Ceremony. Offering us a warm center in which we are invited to experience ourselves beyond cultural, religious & political agenda as children of this Earth again. People around the world gather around Cacao to remember, to connect, and to find their way back to their roots, and through them back to their Earth Tribes. In this 4-day initiation ritual, experience the power of Cacao and how the Rainbow Medicine acts with purpose - with the aim of touching you at your core, and unfolding in gentle, yet powerful waves into your reality. Let yourself be guided as you begin creating a powerful heart center for yourself and others.

Module 2 is a deep journey into the consciousness of Cacao and the wisdom of master & teacher plants. Immerse yourself in the magical world of Cacao, the plant of the Sun & Moon, which speaks to your heart and wants to offer you a new, powerful center for your path during transitional times.


Cacao Guardian is the evolution of The Sacred Cacao Ceremony Facilitator training.



Earth Guardian

Initiation & Immersion

The Earth Tribe is awakening now, carrying a sense of interconnectedness in their hearts. Now is the time to come together in sacred union, to reclaim your power as a member of the Earth Tribe and to step into your guardianship of co-creating a harmonious matrix for all living things. Earth Guardian is a 5-day immersive journey to initiate healers, speakers, teachers, dreamers and keepers with ‘Ancient Future’ vibration and sacred ceremonies. Enabling you to find your way back home to your Earth Tribe, and reconnect with its ways and wisdom, so you may offer your medicine to the evolution of the Earth Mother.



Module 3 is an immersive journey into the consciousness of the Earth Mother. Earth Guardian requires a basic knowledge of Sacred Spaces, rituals & ceremony. Receive the blueprint of the New Earth in this 5-day-long ceremony to forge your medicine for the time of transformation ahead.

cacao mama earth school berlin
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