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10. October 2019
Planetary Alignment & Light Codes are a series of Ceremonies designed to experience the Spirit of Cacao as a catalyst for incoming Light Codes.
Earth School Training · 13. September 2019
Earth Guardian is a 5-day immersive journey to initiate healers, speakers, teachers, dreamers & keepers with ‘Ancient Future’ vibration and sacred ceremonies. Enabling you to find your way back home to your Earth Tribe, and reconnect with its ways and wisdom, so you may offer your medicine to the evolution of the Earth Mother.
26. July 2019
Serap and Sofia invite to a festive night of celebration with Cacao, Music and Sound. Celebrate with us new beginnings.
10. July 2019
Cacao is a sacred teacher plant, a powerful facilitator and guide for inner work. Representing the tree of life itself it carries the frequencies of Unity, Love and Understanding, allowing a deep, loving connection with yourself and others.
Earth School Training · 14. June 2019
Cacao Lover is a five-week guided online program to offer you avenues to connect with the Spirit and the Soul of Cacao. The Spirit is an intelligence that exists beyond time and space, a vibration that can be accessed, within, carrying timeless information. Calling in a plant teacher may offer you guidance and a deeper understanding of the Self for the times ahead.