Earth Guardian

A five-day Initiation & Immersion


The Earth Tribe is awakening now, carrying a sense of interconnectedness in their hearts. Now is the time to come together in sacred union, to reclaim your power as a member of the Earth Tribe and to step into your guardianship of co-creating a harmonious matrix for all living things. Earth Guardian is a 5-day immersive journey to initiate healers, speakers, teachers, dreamers and keepers with ‘Ancient Future’ vibration and sacred ceremonies. Enabling you to find your way back home to your Earth Tribe, and reconnect with its ways and wisdom, so you may offer your medicine to the evolution of the Earth Mother.


Retreat, Initiation, Immersion

29th April - 05th May 2019



Frühlingskraft & Pflanzenrituale 

für die Sommerzeit 


Ein urbaner Kreativ Retreat zur Erstellung deinem Pflanzen-Diary mit altem Naturwissen, kostbarem Saatgut und Ritualen & Bräuchen als aktiver Wegweiser durch die Sommerzeit. Inspiriert von den alten Traditionen, erinnern wir uns an deren Bräuche: Wildkräuter, Lebenselixiere und Frühjahrskuren, Anwendungen, Rezepte und ideale Sammelzeiten; Jahresfeste, Pflanzenkränze binden, Blüten Mandalas kreieren. Wir laden Dich ein, mit uns auf eine sinnliche und kreative Entdeckungsreise zu kommen und das alte Wissen in dir neu zu erwecken!




Kreativ Retreat

Simone Meentzen & Serap Kara

Sa, 13.04. & So, 14.04.19



Grüne Reserven & Pflanzenrituale für die Winterzeit


Zwei Tage lang widmen wir uns den heimischen Pflanzen, die in unseren Gärten wachsen. Lange Zeit haben uns fremde Länder inspiriert, in denen spirituelles Wissen und Heilpraktiken um Pflanzen, Kräuter und Hölzer nicht unterbunden wurde. Doch in unserer Region wachsen wundersame Begleiter, Helfer und Heilpflanzen, die sich zurück in unsere Erinnerung rufen. Gemeinsam möchten wir einen Einblick in die Geschichte und die Rhythmen des Jahres geben, in die inneren Kräutergärten reisen, den Pflanzendevas begegnen, um eine Winterapotheke für die kalte Jahreszeit herzustellen. 




Kreativ Retreat

Simone Meentzen & Serap Kara

Sa, 20.10. & So, 21.10.18




Earth Medicine Retreat



Breathing light and resting in intention. Remembering. Root wisdom and stories from our many travels, metamorphosing into the deep song of the majestic dance. Sharing unspoken life stories around Grandfather Fire. Learning from each other, soul medicine offering. Developing, enveloping. An invitation for the dreamweavers, travelers and spirits. Universal Medicine. Sacred Circle. Holy Mandala. Earthhood.





12. - 15. Oktober 2017

 Taubenblau Stolzenhagen, bei Berlin 


Cacao Mama Cacao Retreat The New Heart March 2017 Berlin
©️ Taubenblau

 The New HEART 

Cacao Spring Retreat


In the cosmos among the planets, Mother Earth aligns her chakras into a higher vibration. This one-year transition process culminates on March 8th with a New Heart Chakra. Our days together will work in harmony to activate the invisible web of interconnectedness with nature. You're invited to adopt a visionary perspective, and broaden your inner dimension in loving kindness. 2017 carries the energy of a fresh start. Enter the great cosmic dance to dream your dream into reality. 



Cacao Retreat

09. - 12. März 2017

Taubenblau Stolzenhagen, bei Berlin 

Cacao Mama Cacao Ceremony A journey to the Spirit of Cacao Sacred Cacao Retreat
© Grit Siwonia

A Journey to the Spirit of Cacao


A 6-day magical Cacao Retreat to explore the universal power of the Heart on the beautiful Island Aegina in Greece. An invitation from the Cacao Deva for the lightworkers among us, to slow down and recalibrate your energy. Our retreat on the beautiful island Aegina serves reflection, realignment, creativity & the exploration of the geometry of light through the magical lens of the Cacao Spirit. We will turn our gaze to the inner landscape, the wisdom of the body & expose our very own inner gold. 


Cacao Retreat

27. Oct - 03. Nov 2016

Aegina, Greece


Cacao Mama Inner Gold Cacao Retreat
© Carina Adam

A Journey to the Spirit of Cacao


The Sacred Cacao Retreat was pure magic, a Journey into Cacao Heaven. I feel silent gratitude for this journey of ritual, ceremony, sharing, movement, creativity, community and deep transformation in togetherness. New spaces opened up, each one a level deeper offering alignment within each one of us and within the group leading to the exploration of our very own Inner Gold. I experienced the most profound quality of Cacao: that of the Global Healer Cacao, inside & outside, universal & cosmic. 

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© Carina Adam