Cacao Mama Cacao Ceremony A journey to the Spirit of Cacao Sacred Cacao Retreat
© Grit SIwonia

An invitation from the Cacao Deva for the lightworkers among us, to slow down and recalibrate your energy. Our retreat on the beautiful island Aegina serves reflection, realignment, creativity and the exploration of the geometry of light through the magical lens of the Cacao Spirit. We will turn our gaze to the inner landscape, the wisdom of the body and expose our very own inner gold. In daily yoga classes, shared rituals & ceremonies away from daily routine, we root deeply and take a visionary perspective to embody the broad teachings of the Cacao Deva, who carries the blueprint of the New Earth. A deep, sensual soul journey in accordance with the universal heartbeat of life, love and magic.


"The Cacaosphere:

The mysterious realm where Heaven and Earth meet…in the Heart"


- David Wolfe

The Sacred Medicine of Cacao

Cacao Mama Cacao Ceremony A journey to the Spirit of Cacao Sacred Cacao Retreat
© Grit SIwonia

Cacao is a sacred plant medicine, a powerful facilitator and guide for inner work. Cacao teaches ancient practices of Unity, Love and Understanding and allows a deep connection with ourself and others. Cacao serves as an agent of worlds - a Rainbow Medicine. The Spirit of Cacao is pure joy, liquid like, it calibrates the cells, activates deep interaction within and connects the dots. Cacao opens the gate to spiritual realms. We are invited to align with our heart, intuition, essence and the Divine within. Cacao balances the brain hemispheres, the feminine & masculine dance inside. A door-opener to the subtle energy bodies, it corrects an imbalance between mind and heart, allowing the heart to open fully to feel compassion, joy and unconditional love. Having been used traditionally as a sacred plant medicine to open the heart and enter spiritual realms, the Spirit of Cacao is a keeper of ancient, sacred wisdom.  

Evoking the Heart’s Wisdom

Cacao Mama Cacao Ceremony A journey to the Spirit of Cacao Sacred Cacao Retreat

The ceremonies, meditations and rituals of our retreat will evoke the natural wisdom within. We will spend time opening the heart center gently in all directions, grow deep roots, listen to the subtle voices and learn, how to move the universal, cosmic light within. 

Daily Yoga with Julie Sundara

Cacao Mama Cacao Ceremony A journey to the Spirit of Cacao Sacred Cacao Retreat

A daily yoga praxis will inspire your body's wisdom. We start each day with a gentle yoga class, to connect us with the body and give access to the cellular information stored within. Julie’s classes are designed to sooth the system, purify the mind and release blockages. 

Mapping Inner Landscapes

Cacao Mama Cacao Ceremony A journey to the Spirit of Cacao Sacred Cacao Retreat

A playful, creative expression is part of our retreat. We will paint a map of the inner landscape to reveal the connections through writing, painting, voice, dance & silence. This map will help deepen your self-study and accept the unseen.

Sacred Space, Sacred Sights

Cacao Mama Cacao Ceremony A journey to the Spirit of Cacao Sacred Cacao Retreat

The elements of the island serve our gathering and some of the rituals will take place at the most beautiful places of the island: Sacred Spaces that touch and nurture your inner nature. Through the lens of the Cacao Deva you will learn how to make contact with Nature Spirits and your own inner sacred space.

New Moon Visions

Cacao Mama Cacao Ceremony A journey to the Spirit of Cacao Sacred Cacao Retreat

On the climax of our retreat we will welcome a New Moon. The New Moon opens a powerful gate to visions, dreams and symbols to manifest for yourself and for the benefit of life on Earth. Rituals are strong bridges between worlds and invite your being for joyful sharing in community. 

Aphrodite's Delight

Cacao Mama Cacao Ceremony A journey to the Spirit of Cacao Sacred Cacao Retreat

Most delicious mediterranean food will be provided by our amazing chef Aphrodite. She will spoil us with vegetarian/vegan meals that seduce our senses and nourish body and soul. Every meal is prepared in utmost love and respect. You will be left feeling healthier, lighter and renewed.

Oikia Karapanou


An hour by boat from Athens, Oikia Karapanou is a beautiful mansion from the 19th century, surrounded by an enchanted garden close to the sea. The house is an oasis on the soul's journeys, simple, spacious and poetic, Oikia hosts workshops, seminars, art residencies, retreats during the whole year, Oikia is a home dedicated to the nurturing of relationships. Wide horizons suffused with attic light, beaches and little harbours with neoclassical houses are awaiting us. Website



Oikia has 6 shared rooms, a three-bed room and single rooms. A bright and spacious hall in the upper floor which leads out onto two big terraces will be used for ceremonies & meditations. Oikia includes a living-room (with great-grandmother's piano!), various balconies, terraces and the spacious and magical garden. The beach is within walking distance from the house. 

Our Week Together

Cacao Mama Cacao Ceremony A journey to the Spirit of Cacao Sacred Cacao Retreat
© Grit SIwonia


OCTOBER 27 - NOVEMBER 3, 2016 



Day of arrival is on Thursday, Oktober 27, we will greet each other at dinner. Our retreat will begin at 10 am on Friday, October 28 and closes at 12 pm Thursday, November 3rd. Pricing depends on your accommodation of choice; each per-person rate includes:

  • Evoking the Heart’s Wisdom · Sacred Cacao Ceremonies, Meditations and Rituals
  • Daily Yoga with Julie Sundara
  • Mapping Inner Landscapes · Creative exploration through writing, painting, dance, voice, sound & silence
  • Sacred Space, Sacred Sights · Rituals at the most beautiful places on the Island
  • New Moon Manifestation Ritual
  • Basics & Alchemy of Cacao
  • Awareness for the inner & outer resources
  • Clearing energy wheels & chakras
  • Releasing emotional & physical blockages
  • Experience a loving connection with yourself and others
  • Inner Gold & The New Earth



8 am: Yoga class

9 am: Breakfast
10 am - 2 pm: Morning Circle: Cacao Ceremonies & Rituals
2.30 pm: Lunch  
3.30 - 7 pm: Free time to rest, swim and contemplate

7 pm: Evening Circle
8 pm: Dinner


Serap Kara Cacao Mama Sacred Cacao Retreat



Serap is the founder of Cacao Mama and an ambassador of the Cacao Spirit. She is a certified energetic healing practitioner, business advisor and Earth Speaker.


"Since starting Cacao Mama, I’ve guided people from all over the world to be touched by the healing, heart-opening power of Cacao. What I observe: It takes courage to open up to the inner worlds.


My intention for this retreat is to create a safe space for you to fully encounter the Spirit of Cacao and nourish your mind, body and spirit. We will use the soft awakening power of Cacao, tools of writing, dancing, singing, daily yoga, ritual and ceremony for you to experience a deep, sensual soul journey in alignment with the universal heartbeat of life, love and magic."


Email me directly: me (at)

Julie Sundara



Julie ” Sundara”, is an intuitive and energetic healer, life coach, senior yoga instructor, longevity expert and physical/emotional therapist.


In the last three decades of teaching and experience, she has found that there are fundamental principles governing success in all these areas and it is her life passion to share this with humanity.


She created The SYSTEM – a safe and easy physical/emotional method of postures, exhaling and inner work, that brings fully proven results due to the ancient wisdom and future knowledge she has accessed, channeled and understood.


Julie will teach a daily soothing and purifying Yoga class. 








shared bathroom



shared bathroom



private bathroom



A 400€ deposit secures your space. Please note that your deposit is non-refundable.

Space is designed for 12 cacao lovers


Prices include food & accommodation, daily ceremonies & meditations, sacred sights rituals, personal inquiries, a one-on-one call prior to the gathering.   

Airfare is not Included.


Flights to Athens airport via Airberlin, Easyjet or Ryanair. A shared taxi from Athen airport to Piräus harbour is recommended and costs around 40€ per taxi. The ferry from Piräus to Aegina takes approx 40 minutes and costs between 9-14€.


Payment plans are available.



Please note: You shouldn't work with ceremonial doses of Cacao if you are taking antidepressants or having a serious heart condition. 




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