Winterglück ⊹ Interview

Winterglück 2018


Ein Interview mit Bettina Homann



Over the past decades, it seemed to be right to have secrets. This is witnessed on a political, economic and personal level. Now we have entered a period of transparency, and it’s hitting us in a storm.


The truth is seeking the light and hiding it becomes more difficult. The aspects that we didn’t like about ourselves show up bigger than ever and who we truly are, including our gifts, talents and beauty, are needed more than ever in the construction of a new society. What do you do when you come in touch with these sometimes painful aspects within yourself? In the tradition of the Inka, transparency is seen as a practice. ‘You practice transparency when you stop hiding parts of yourself that make you uncomfortable. Transparency means establishing congruence between who you say you are and who you really are. It means “walking your talk.”’


Over the past weeks, I’ve been valuing two beautiful keys in my personal practice: forgiveness & active dreaming. Forgiveness to embrace all parts of me, so I can cultivate a sense of guilt-free self-exploration. Active dreaming to choose new realities actively. Our choices are more political than ever. To re-shape our society major ceremonies will be required in the coming years.


May we dare to shine our brightest light. 


Oct 2018


Mother Roots Gathering ⊹ August 2018

Mother Roots Gathering

Mama Earth Cacao Ceremony

Th, 08th August 2018


Musical Support: Anir Leben

Pictures: Jacky Louan



This is an exceptionally rewarding time to re-design the inner spaces. Enter through the heart and observe, how your inner landscape is shaped. ...see, feel, hear... Find the spaces of grounding, relationship, power and impact. Throw out what is blocking your space. Set up a space for meditation and silence. Arrange it beautifully, so you feel you want to come back often. Play with colours, invite allies. Install magic gateways from one space to the other. Create your dream space with no limitations. Expand. Breathe. Sink into yourself. Know, your inner space creates the outer space. When completed, give thanks and close the space your way. We are the designers of our reality. It's time to dream.


Aug 2018




Sunlight and hot summer temperatures have warmed our souls, everything becomes more soft, open and receptive. Mama Nature invites us these days to take a seat in her sacred gardens and receive a warm embrace. Recently I was in this magical pine forest in Italy. I sat on the forest floor and created a visible prayer from what I found on the ground. I closed my eyes and breathed the forest in. Then I asked the forest what it needed from me and how I could be of service now that I'm entering his realm. Inside of me, two words formed clearly: love and appreciation. And so I gave the forest my love and appreciation, which was easy as I was breathing the fresh air, listening to the sounds of Nature, enjoying the shade and giving thanks for the beauty that surrounded me. The forest offered to give something back to me and said I was invited to use the power of his trees to look at my inner spaces and align them harmoniously. The trees straightened me up, creating a vibration of safety. The more I received, the bigger my love poured out of me, the more I then received. Nature wants to help us to ground ourselves and maintain the heart space, which then becomes a single space of offering. All we have to do is to take a seat. 


Jul 2018


Deutsche Bahn Mobil ⊹ April 2018

Deutsche Bahn Mobil

Ausgabe April 2018

Ein Erfahrungsbericht von Greta Taubert

Herzstück Magazin ⊹ Interview

Herzstück Magazin

Ausgabe Februar/März 2018

Interview by Charlott Drung



Agape Zoe ⊹ January 2018

Agape Zoe Healing Festival #13 Berlin

Cacao Ceremony 'The Spirit of Cacao'

Sun, 14th Jan 2018


Musical Support: Sofia Uguccioni

Pictures: Grit Siwonia

PICTURES BY Grit Siwonia


Grit Siwonia ist freiberufliche Fotografin aus Berlin. Bewusstseins-arbeit und eigene intensive Transformationsprozesse berührten sie tief und führten zu einer völlig neuen Sicht auf das Leben. Sie liebt es, das innere Licht und damit die Schönheit, Freude und Wahrheit der Menschen abzubilden.


Bereiche: Porträt, Hochzeiten, Business, Familie, Yoga, Meditation, Eventdokumentationen, Reisedokumentation, Produktfotografie weltweit.




The Shantiphant Project ⊹ August 2017

The Shantiphant Project

Portrait by: Laura Hirch


Agape Zoe Summer Festival Corfu ⊹ July 2017

Agape Zoe Summer Festival Corfu

Cacao Ceremony

July 2017


Earth School Voices ⊹ June 2017

Voices & Insights

Earth School Facilitator Training


Read all

Agape Zoe Festival ⊹ May 2017

Agape Zoe Healing Festival #10 Berlin

Cacao Kirtan

Sun, 21st May 2017


Musical Support: Ātmikā Yani Nörren & Anja Friedel

Pictures: Grit Siwonia

Conscious Guide Berlin ⊹ April 2017

Conscious Guide Berlin



Pictures: Grit Siwonia


Agape Zoe Festival ⊹ March 2017

serap kara cacao mama sweet and sacred cacao ceremony agape zoe healing festival berlin

Agape Zoe Healing Festival #9 Berlin

Sweet & Sacred Cacao Ceremony

Sun, 11th March 2017


Musical Support: Mitsch Kohn

Pictures: Grit Siwonia


Agape Zoe Festival ⊹ September 2016

Agape Zoe Healing Festival #6 Berlin

Sweet & Sacred Cacao Ceremony

Sun, 11th September 2016


Musical Support: Simone Vitale & Kadisha Ma

Altar Creation: Alysen Vasold-Woody

Pictures: Grit Siwonia


Agape Zoe Festival ⊹ März 2016

Agape Zoe Healing Festival #3 Berlin

Opening Ceremony

Sat, 30th January 2016


Picture: Grit Siwonia


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