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Mama Celia is a traditional healer and midwife in the tropical rainforest in the Napo Province in Ecuador. Already as a three-month-old girl, Celia Rosario Shiguango Chimbo receives the healing powers, spiritual allies and energy of her grandparents and parents.


Over the next few years, she will be initiated into the indigenous wisdom and ancient knowledge of medicinal plants and healing processes of the Amazonian Kichwas. After little Celia also learns midwifery from her family, she accompanies her first birth at the age of 15 and begins her life as an indigenous midwife and traditional healer; she has accompanied more than 3,000 births to date.


The healer accumulated an enormous wealth of knowledge about the medicinal plants of the rainforest such as antibiotic-containing plants for infections. She prepares effective medicine for many diseases & performs surgical interventions if necessary.



The charismatic, loving and powerful Mama Celia welcomes locals as well as people from all over the world who are seeking advice or healing in her home in the Ecuadorian-Amazonian jungle.


She is affected by the conflict-laden situation of her village - a village that tries to maintain traditional values despite Christian and Western influences and modern technology.


Many people visit Mama Celia daily from 6:00 a.m. and ask for her help. Service often ends late at night. The people of the village wouldn't be able to afford hospital treatment. She often helps people without payment and recommends the clinic only in cases where she cannot help at all.



The indigenous people in the country are demonstrating and fighting for their rights and against the cost-cutting measures of the government. The military is using violence against the demonstrators & there have been terrible battles on the streets of the capital in the past weeks. The injured are returning to their villages, asking Mama Celia for help - she has been working for days without sleep; treating severe injuries and the resulting infections. 



Mama Celia preserves the old medicine ways. She is in service to the Great Mother throughout her life. Mama Celia is a midwife and healer, serving life and the transitions from birth to death. Mama Cacao has a deep connection to birth, the feminine principle and the cycles of life. We wish for Mama Celia to be held by and receive from our Cacao family to honour her life-long service in her community while the injured continue to seek help.



It is important to us that the resources we generate in our community reaches a person 100%. We've saved and sent EUR 780 to Mama Celia in November 2019. These funds will be invested for medicines, bandages, disinfectants & antibiotics. Mama Celia has also ordered herbal preparations from healers in other provinces because the collection and preparation exceeded her capacity. We're delighted to collaborate with the Institut für Ganzheitsmedizin e.V. 



Your donation is welcome and we will continue to support Mama Celia in Ecuador. We will collect the funds and forward the energy 100% to Mama Celia directly. Cacao Mama is not registered as an NGO and therefore your donation is not tax-deductible. 


You may transfer any amount via bank transfer to:

Serap Kara | Cacao Mama

GLS Bank

IBAN DE69430609671139829601


Reference: Donation Mama Celia


or by using paypal

Reference: Donation Mama Celia



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In the past, the Institute has already supported Mama Celia with the construction of a new building which is used as a treatment & ceremonial space housing the materials, the altar and the medical preparations. The donations are forwarded directly to Mama Celia. 


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