Welcome and thank you for your interest in Cacao Mama's work.


In the section "What do I need to know · FAQ" below I've listed common questions, answers with love. 



How to best prepare?


We are working with plant consciousness. Every living being has a soul - a spirit that takes care of the plant itself, carrying all information from the beginning. Plant Spirits have a more subtle vibration in general. In order to connect with the vibration of these, it is wise, to open yourself for the experience in the first place and tune into the Sacred Space prior to the Ceremony. If you have something that you would like to have a closer look at, you can form an intention.


The day of the session I ask you not to drink coffee, as coffee has a strong effect on the brain and the body. Have a light breakfast with fruits, drink nice herbal teas and tune in. If you wanna go deeper I recommend not to eat too spicy or heavy food 1-2 days prior to the ceremony. Avoid meat and alcohol and stick to a plant-based diet. 


What to expect?


We learn about the many ways of Cacao and open the space as a group. Then a ceremonial cacao is served and we float into a space of silence, relaxation and in-sight. It’s comforting to lay down during the guided meditation. The meditation acts as a vibrational pattern connecting the dots in the body, helping to relax, heal and open the energetic system. I work with sound, sound healing, voice vibrations, shamanic techniques and the angelic & master realms. Then we have time to follow the sensations in the body. We close the circle. It is very likely that you feel somehow centered, experience more space within yourself or just bath in joy after the workshop.


What if I'm pregnant?


I made wonderful experiences with women who are pregnant. There are cultures that use cacao in the birthing process. Cacao contains oxytocyn, a bonding hormone. I recommend to drink less than a half dose of ceremonial cacao. However, please let me know when you are pregnant and consider participating. 


What to bring?


Usually I rent out spaces that are cosy and equipped with yogamats and blankets. Nevertheless I recommend to bring a personal blanket or a scarf, something to cover yourself and feel comfortable. As we are sitting in a meditation circle or lying down for the meditation I recommend to wear comfortable clothes. Bring a bottle of water.


Recommendations for after?


The Ceremony is a deep activation and you will likely feel the effect all day long. Some participants feel the effect up to 2-3 days afterwards. This can be: ease, peace, lightness, relaxation and joy. Sometimes we just wanna extend the space for the rest of the day. Have some nice food, relax and try to avoid exhausting activities after the session. Sometimes we experience a memory or even emotional turmoil coming up later which asks for your attention. Some participant also feel the need for movement or activity. Basically you can do whatever feels good to you. Please decide after the Ceremony what is best for you being aware how you fill the new space within yourself. 


Some practical suggestions: drink lots of water, as cacao is de-toxyfying the body and be gentle with yourself.


What if I can't afford the costs?


Every ceremony & workshop is a healing space that I prepare days in advance with love. If you have a calling and cannot afford the exchange please let me know and we find a solution.


You shouldn't work with ceremonial doses of cacao if...


a) you are taking antidepressants or b) you have a serious heart condition.