The Art of Ritual & Sacred Space

Creating Transformative Spaces


Sacred Spaces & Rituals reflect the universal matrix of harmony. What is the underlying structure of a Sacred Space and how can one create high-vibrational experiences? The Art of Ritual & Sacred Space is a 4-day calibration to initiate healers, yogis, teachers & creatives with energetic activation and sacred tools enabling them to create finely-tuned healing experiences for themselves & others.


Earth School Training

BERLIN · Eden Studios

4th-7th April 2019 · 10 am - 5 pm

In English


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Cacao Guardian

Sacred Initiation & Training


By holding a Cacao Ceremony you invoke the sacred ritual of initiating unity and harmonious resonance of hearts within community. The Spirit of Cacao, often referred to as Rainbow Medicine & Medicine of the Soul, is a keeper of sacred wisdom, holding the vibrations of loving kindness, unconditional love, and power. When experienced in a sacred setting, Cacao reminds us of our natural capacity to open, and is a powerful guide for transformational personal experiences, such as deep meditational journeying and emotional release.


Earth School Training


16th-19th May 2019 · 10 am - 5 pm

In English


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