Planetary Alignment & Light Codes 10|10

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Planetary Alignment & Light Codes are a series of Ceremonies designed to experience the Spirit of Cacao as a catalyst for incoming Light Codes. Stargates are powerful points of alignment. They are considered as portals, moments in time when energy is accelerated and in which we may align with higher vibrations. The 10/10 stargate is known for opening the portals to consciousness to expand beliefs, thoughts and perspectives to anchor them into this reality.


Cacao Mama Ceremony

BERLIN · Pankow Eden Studios

Oct 10, 2019 · 7.30-10.30 pm

In English


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Cacao Ceremony

The Spirit of Cacao


We will bring our hearts in one beat and rhythm with Mama Earth, drink a cup of chocolate together, invite the nature spirits and Mama Cacao into our circle to create a harmonious matrix with all living things. Through sound, meditation, music and silence we expand the inner sacred spaces and receive the loving heart-opening and cosmic vibration of Mama Earth’s comic vision of herself.


Cacao Mama Ceremony

Prague / Czech Republic

25th October, 2019 · 7 -10 pm

In English / with Czech translation


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Cacao Alchemy



Cacao, a superfood & sacred seed. What is its ancient secret; its effect on body, soul and spirit, and what are its gateways to stars and planets? Cacao Alchemy is a ritualistic learning experience & weaving of the universal teachings, ancient wisdom & cosmic intelligence of Cacao. You'll learn the basic principles and integrate the teachings with a Cacao Ceremony. 


Cacao Mama Workshop

Prague / Czech Republic

26th October, 2019 · 11 am - 6 pm

In English / with Czech translation


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