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Cacao Alchemy

Seminar & Ceremony


Cacao, a superfood and sacred seed. What is its ancient secret; its effect on body, soul and spirit, and what are its gateways to stars and planets? This seminar is a weaving of the universal teachings, ancient wisdom & cosmic intelligence of Cacao. Connecting plant consciousness with spiritual realms and Earth inspired wisdom, you are invited to learn the basic principles of Cacao in a ritualistic, multidimensional teaching & healing space. 


Earth School Seminar & Ceremony

German Class

Fr, 6th April 2018 · 3-8pm · Berlin

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Cacao Ceremony

The Spirit of Cacao


Cacao is a sacred teacher plant, a powerful facilitator and guide for inner work. Representing the tree of life itself it carries the frequencies of unity, love and understanding, allowing a deep, loving connection with yourself and others. The Spirit of Cacao is a keeper of sacred wisdom, perceived as radiant energy, described as a Medicine of the Soul, Medicine of Peace and Rainbow Medicine.




English / German Class

Sun, 8th April 2018 · 11-2pm · Berlin

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Embodying Sacred Space

Seminar & Ceremony


The focus of this ritualistic learning experience lays on the Inner Sacred Space and how you develop a healthy attitude towards yourself. There are tools available that can help you to open, activate, clean & protect the internal landscape. We will alter between teachings & practice, inviting the Spirit of Cacao to open the heart and activate the sensory perception for a full embodiment.


Earth School Seminar & Ceremony

English / German

Fr, 20th April 2018 · 3-8pm · Berlin

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