The Cacao School is the new speaking heart of Cacao Mama. For some time now I have been hearing a voice within, more a request from Spirit to share the knowledge entrusted to me by the Soul of Cacao during my 9-year journey with this fantastic plant Spirit. However, I first had to find my roots, my language and my courage to introduce into this complex universe. In the coming months we will publish new articles, share resources and launch new programs to communicate Cacao's messages for the times to come.  



The Cacao Ceremony is a three hour experience to connect with the loving Spirit of Cacao and the forces of Nature in a Sacred Space. 

In Person Ceremony


Cacao Lover is a 5-week guided online experience to connect with the Spirit of Cacao or deepen your connection with Cacao.

Online Experience


Cacao Guardian is a six-month Initiation & Medicine Training designed to learn to embody the Art of Cacao in Ritual & Ceremony.

Online & In-Person Training


Cacao Magic is intended as an online guide, library and resource for facilitators, practitioners & space holders. Cacao Magic is in the making.

Online Library - as of Spring '20


Cacao is a powerful plant Spirit and unique in her alchemy. She works through feeling, the heart, and intuition, in a different way with each person. We share some helpful information when you wish to enter the spiritual realm of Cacao in a ritual and explain keys that open the medicine. 

Cacao is a very complex food; it contains the highest concentration of antioxidants and magnesium of any food in the world, rich in chromium, theobromine, manganese, zinc, copper, iron, vitaminC, omega-6 fatty acids, tryptophan, serotonin, and more. We look at some of the key nutrients. 

What is the difference between the specific cacao varieties and which cacao is suitable for which kind of work? The following overview gives an insight into the characteristics and the energetic and spiritual dimension of cacao varieties from Ecuador, Peru, Bali and Bolivia. 

This is the basic CACAO MAMA's raw cacao chocolate recipe. Enjoy the original recipe or try experimenting with different variations to create your very own raw cacao masterpiece. I love the raw cacao chocolate drink to be creamy and silky to touch all senses. 

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