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11th September - 16th October 2020




Much gratitude to you, that you are following the calling of your heart to connect with Spirit. Cacao Lover is a five-week guided online experience offering you avenues to connect with the Spirit and the Soul of Cacao. The Spirit of Cacao is an intelligent light form that exists beyond time & space, a vibration that can be accessed within, sharing timeless information. The practice of calling in a plant teacher during these transitional times may offer you guidance and a deeper understanding of the Self.





In the past years more people have been called to work with the Spirit of Cacao. This calling is experienced as curiosity, a longing for more connection, a whisper in the heart or a strong pull to reconnect with Nature and Earth. I’ve also discovered that every person has a unique relationship with Cacao. Why is Cacao calling you in, and how may your response add to a larger picture?  


It is our intention to assist you with your connection to the Spirit. To understand your personal relationship with Cacao, and whether you want to initiate or deepen your friendship. Once you align with this unique vibration, it will become available to you. Journey with us into the universal teachings of Cacao!





Cacao Lover is a multimedia experience inviting you to connect with Spirit.

Beginning with an initial Tuning-In week and closing with an extra week for Gratitude,

we will explore the following themes over the core five weeks :





In Week One we will tune into the vibration of Cacao, learn about its growth, then open to the Spirit and the Ceremonial use of Cacao. Create a Cacao with the intention to welcome the Spirit of Cacao. 






In Week Two we will connect with the sun-related energies of Cacao and travel along the lines of history to learn from the Maya and Aztecs about the spiritual use. We will look into the medicinal properties & the ‘group consciousness’ and experience Cacao in Ceremony with the conscious mind.






In Week Three we'll tap into the mystery, the unknown. We will open to the feminine qualities of Cacao, its traditional connection with the night, water and fertility, and open up for the many ways the Spirit speaks to us, through listening and intuition. 






In Week Four we will examine the meaning of the Tree of Life, travel into the inner landscape to arrange a ceremony space inside, further deepening our relationship. Blending the qualities of the Sun and the Moon which may offer you a new center within.






Week Five is about giving and sharing the love.  Invite a friend or family member to experience the ritual of drinking chocolate with you. Share the treasures and insights that you’ve collected. We will open to a larger picture and the meaning of Circles that allow our human kindness to be expressed.  

© Grit Siwonia for Cacao Mama
© Grit Siwonia for Cacao Mama





Video Lectures


Ritual Dream Times with guided meditations

Inspirations & Music playlists

Deepening sections



The Cacao Lover week starts on Friday, opening a new avenue to guide you into the consciousness of Cacao. The Ritual Dream Time is the intuitive space that holds guided meditations for you to align with the Spirit. The Circle of Love will be completed each week with sharing and giving back. A deepening section is for you to explore further, inspirations offers you lovely reads, links & music.


© Grit Siwonia for Cacao Mama
© Grit Siwonia for Cacao Mama





Cacao Lover is designed both for people who have a calling to get to know the Spirit of Cacao and for people who have had experiences already. If you are taking your first steps, the first part of each week will give you plenty of inspiration. Your investment is approx. 3 - 4 hours each week. If you wish to deepen your experience you'll need some extra time, both for the exercises as well as for the integration. Choose between a more playful experience or a deeper commitment and therefore alignment. Be aware that the more relaxed you are during the course the easier the communication with the Plant World will be.







We will invite you to join the private Facebook group. Here you'll meet other participants, share your insights & can ask questions. In weeks three we will meet for a Live Call on zoom. If you cannot attend in person, we will offer an audio recording for you.

© Grit Siwonia for Cacao Mama
© Grit Siwonia for Cacao Mama





starts Friday, 11th September and ends Friday, 16th October 2020.





Cacao Lover will be held in a Sacred Space, a loving container, over the entirety of the experience. This Sacred Space is a geometry that vibrates with the information of the Spirit for you to align in a deep & loving way. The space is designed as a live seminar that you enter with awareness and commitment and leave after its completion. 






  • Ceremonial Cacao
  • A beautiful journal for this course 
  • Dedicated moments of space, silence & concentration. Ideally you should set aside two hours for your Ritual Dream Time and one hour for the videos & materials each week. 
  • A brave heart to explore the unseen world of Spirit
  • Joy in your creations





Cacao Lover & the sacred space remain open for you to browse through the weeks, read inspirations and integrate what you've gained. This is your week to nurture gratitude. Here, the videos, playlists and Ritual Dream Time meditations will be available to you after the closing of the course. 








EUR 333







Cacao Lover is designed to connect you with the Spirit and to serve as an offering to Mama Earth equally. Therefore we will invest 1/3 of the balance to support Mama Nature. Our focus lays on a) education, b) sharing seeds and c) planting trees. We're happy to share more information with you soon. 

Cacao Mama Ceremony in Berlin © Grit Siwonia





Before we start Cacao Lover, we will send you a 'Tuning in' online package, to offer you a solid foundation to prepare you for your journey. After finishing the experience the Space remains open for you in Gratitude to browse through the weeks, read inspirations and integrate what you've gained. Then the Sacred Space will be closed. You will have access to the Gratitude site after the closing of the experience. So altogether we will share seven weeks, five of them will be more in-depth.

Tuning in

Friday, 4th September 2020
Cacao Lover five week experience

Friday, 11th September - Friday, 16th October 2020

One Group Video Call

On Wednesday, 30th September 2020 - 8 p.m. GMT +1


Friday, 16th October 2020

Closing of the Sacred Space & experience

Friday, 23rd October 2020








Ceremonial doses of Cacao are not recommended for people who are taking antidepressants (Cacao contains MAO inhibitors), or who have a serious heart condition, or have very high blood pressure or suffer from epilepsy. Pregnant women may take smaller amounts. Please get in touch if you have questions.



"I discovered a strong connection to spirit, to nature, to the ancestors and I often saw myself sitting around a fire within an old indigenous tribe." Sina ♥︎ 



"The most valuable insight is that Cacao Lover confirmed to me that Cacao is my (heart) medicine (right now). She opens my heart, cracks me wide open, helps me heal myself, connects me deeply to myself and so much more. It really was a confirmation that I'm on the right path and I will continue to work with Cacao." Lena ♥︎ 


"Love surrounds everyone and everything."  Agnes ♥︎ 


"Cacao Lover helps you to connect with the Spirit of Cacao and Mother Earth, which ultimately is connection with your deepest or highest self, whatever you would like to call it.  With its information, music and meditations it guides you into new corners of yourself to discover that there is much more than your busy mind and old stories and that you are safe and whole." Nina ♥︎ 


"Discovering the moon qualities inside me, which were so fine, sparking, calm and felt very deep. And that i can be filled with sun qualities too feel comfortable and then discovering the moon further. And that there are soo many aspects of the sun & the moon."  Alisa ♥︎ 



Serap Kara

I’m Serap, Medicine Woman, Earth Guardian, teacher and Cacao Lover. My love for plants was initiated by a spiritual encounter with the Spirit of Cacao in 2011, which led me onto the path of Sacred Plant studies. This was followed by an intense study of global resources, energetic healing and Earth inspired wisdom from across many cultures. My medicine heart beats in rhythm with Mother Earth and I bow to her infinite kindness. 

The Earth School is about re-establishing a connection with the Earth Tribes, harvesting the messages found in the Soul of Nature, cultivating wisdom together and offering our power & voice to speak up for the preciousness of life.

Marlene Halser

I'm Marlene, an explorer of the depth of life, a seeker of wisdom and knowledge, an empath, a student and teacher and a devotee to the Cacao Spirit. My connection with Cacao was sparked in 2016 in much darker times and I'm forever grateful for this uplifting, joyful and empathic Plant Spirit and its invitation and initiation into the magic & sacred circle of wise Men and Women. Cacao has become a form of sanctuary for me and I am happy to share this gift with others.

It is an honor for me to assist Serap on her teaching journey as well as anyone who is willing to join in on this path. Let's co-create this adventure together. 



After I founded the Earth School, people living in far distant countries started to ask for an online version of the Cacao training. I felt the need to make this information available and I felt that distance shouldn’t be an obstacle for accessing the Cacao vibration.


Last year Marlene and I started to draft a geometric frame, and work on the topics. In the creation process I heard the calling from the Spirit of La Gomera, a small Canary Island to create Cacao Lover on her Sacred Lands, under her Guardianship. 


The strong forces of the island had a great impact on the production. My goodness! Once I arrived, I needed to change the entire experience, as the elements of Nature had other ideas. We were surrounded by Water Spirits, with volcanic energies burning away all that was not necessary, mountains supporting our foundations and an ancient forest offering a green, nourishing heart to this adventure. 


It was due to my Cosmic Serpent Sister Antje and her (almost) infinite patience that we managed to complete the videos on time. And we definitely met the Nature Spirits, who loved fooling around. Many attempts were needed, to film in three climate zones, teaching us humility along the way. I still see them laughing and enjoying the cosmic joke - Spirit loves play and comedy! 


I’m humbled to offer you the vibration of  a Cacao Lover. Fantastic people were involved in making it happen. Thank you! 


This is a time in which many are being called by Cacao - both a force and intelligence and a symbol inside of you. May you experience joy in your creations! 


Love for Cacao, love for the Earth, love for Spirit!

Serap & The Cacao Mama Team


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