Cacao Ceremony Training

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Cacao Mama Ceremony Training

Certified 4-month online ceremony training

27th February - 24th June 2021

with Serap Kara

In English


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Cacao Mama is a midwife for an awakened consciousness and a commitment to take your place in the ever-present Ceremony called Life. Rooted in the golden heart of Mother Nature Cacao Mama is a guardian, a speaker, an ambassador and a bridge to the Cacao Collective. Cacao offers a powerful medicine to come into alignment with your spiritual essence and cosmic vision to be in service to the invisible harmony that surrounds and informs us constantly. Access Cacao Mama's wisdom library to become a midwife for a loving, heart-centred consciousness that calls to be anchored in this now. 


The Cacao Mama Ceremony Training is a guided online training and a journey into the loving consciousness of Cacao. The Ceremony training is an offering for souls who wish to be in Ceremony or have started to offer the sacred Cacao  medicine and wish to gain a solid foundation and a deeper understanding on how Cacao weaves her medicine magic within a sacred group setting. Feel welcome to our sacred space of Cacao Lovers from around the globe. 



Our study is composed of chapters from the Cacao Mama practitioner guidebook for self-study, monthly live video calls, exercises, audio material and two live-ceremonies providing an energetic bridge to come into alignment with the ancient teachings of the Cacao Spirit. Commit to be in service to a unifying consciousness and receive Cacao's ancestral wisdom and global mission. This training concludes with a certificate of completion.



The Cacao Ceremony training is led by Serap Kara. Serap's teaching has been rooted in dedicated service to Cacao for a decade, and she shares deep wisdom and a global perspective. Her approach is earth-rooted and stellar, warm, kind, and supportive. Serap offers avenues to connect with Spirit, be in Ceremony and trust our unique medicine ways and expand into a greater consciousness in which everything is interconnected and interwoven. 

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A Ceremony is a way of the heart and reflects humanity's sacred connection and relationship with the (un)seen worlds. Cacao Ceremonies respond to an increasing longing for connection, ritual and ceremony in an urban environment. - Serap Kara


The Cacao Mama Ceremony training is the foundation of our Cacao School teachings, an in-depth online training for people who wish to learn or deepen the art of holding a Cacao Ceremony in alignment with the Spirit.

This course is open for people from all walks of life. Previous experience with Cacao in Ceremony is not a requirement. You may feel drawn to the training with an inner calling to remember your sacred connection and relationship with the teacher Cacao. A calling which will lead you into a deeper understanding of plants, nature and mother earth.

The course includes monthly live-calls, two live-ceremonies, audio meditations, homework assignments and part one of the Cacao Mama practitioner guidebook written by Serap Kara. This training concludes with a certificate of completion and a blessing from Cacao Mama. 

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Spirit Worldview

  • A spirit worldview and being in relationship with Nature
  • This world, the Otherworld
  • The role of shamans, medicine women, witches and druids
  • The structuring principles of the medicine wheel


The Cacao Spirit

  • An introduction to Cacao’s spiritual essence, medicine and magic
  • Cacao’s unique offerings for body, soul and spirit
  • The Cacao Collective
  • Deepest heart intelligence



The Cacao Connection

  • Avenues and gateways to invite and respond to the vibration of Cacao
  • Intuition, intention and calling in the medicine through invocation
  • The role of trust and permission in spirit work 



Sacred Space & Ritual

  • An introduction to rituals in traditional and modern use
  • Creating sacred space from a design perspective
  • Earth Medicines, Soul Medicines
  • Boundaries
  • Techniques for preparing, opening and closing a sacred space

Along the Lines of History

  • Ancient sacred wisdom and use
  • Social, economic and religious role in Maya & Aztec culture
  • The European transformation and the cutting-off of its spiritual axis
  • Cacao's global mission as a Rainbow Medicine


The Sacred Cacao Ceremony

  • Different approaches for how cacao can be used in ritual work
  • Crafting a loving and well-grounded Cacao experience
  • Amounts and contraindications
  • Cacao in combination with other disciplines



The classroom opens with the full moon on February 27, 2021, to arrive and study the materials. Every full moon we will open a new module for self-study.


The first live session is on March 13, 2021. Each 120-minute live session outlines the lesson, offers space for questions, and concludes with a shorter ceremonial Cacao experience. The Cacao Ceremonies are designed to align with and feel Cacao's Spirit in a two-hour guided ceremony. 


Please allow five hours minimum of dedicated time for this course each month. It is recommended that you participate in all live teachings and ceremonies; however these will be recorded and made available within 24 - 48 hours.


The course concludes with the full moon on June 24, 2021. After completing the course, the classroom will be available to you until December 2021.

Zoom Schedule

The five dates for the live calls and ceremonies are:

  • March 13, 2021 · Live Session & Opening*
  • April 12, 2021  · Cacao Ceremony
  • May 11, 2021 · Live Session
  • May 26, 2021 · Cacao Ceremony
  • June 10, 2021 · Live Session


5 - 7 pm CET · Berlin time zone

*The live session on March 13th will be from 2 - 4 pm CET.


The live sessions will be recorded and made available.

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Please note: Ceremonial doses of Cacao are not recommended for people who are taking antidepressants (Cacao contains MAO inhibitors), or who have a serious heart condition, or have very high blood pressure or suffer from epilepsy. Pregnant women may take smaller amounts. Please get in touch if you have questions.


The investment for the Cacao Mama Ceremony online training is EUR 540. The fee includes:

  • Chapter 1-7 from the Cacao Mama practitioner guidebook and additional resources written for practitioners
  • Gateways and exercises to deepen your relationship
  • 6 hours of live group video calls (3 x 2 hours each) and 4 hours (2 x 2 hours each) of live ceremonies with Serap Kara - recorded and made available afterwards
  • A private messenger group on Signal
  • Cacao Mama certificate of completion and a blessing
  • A facilitator login with 10% discount on Ceremonial Cacao in the Cacao Mama store

3 payments

EUR 180

for three months, EUR 540 total

one time payment

EUR 495

best value

Serap Kara

Hello, my name is Serap and I welcome you! I'm a Medicine Woman, earth guardian, teacher and the founder of Cacao Mama and the Earth School. 


When I met the Cacao Spirit ten years ago she shared with me: 'We want to be golden again'. This has been Cacao Mama's mission since the founding in Spring 2014 and I've helped to open the consciousness for the Spirit across the borders of Europe. I've shared the space with people from all over the world and all walks of life in hundreds of ceremonies, medicine circles and learning experiences. I love to create finely tuned spaces to root into trust and receive permission, so that we may remember our natural state of Spirit connection and the way of ceremony to be in service to a greater harmony.


Cacao Mama is a guide and midwife for an awakened consciousness and I'm sharing her essence with our global community. Cacao Mama is for the lovers, the tenders, the teachers, healers, speakers and ambassadors in and outside of you. Cacao Mama's medicine heart beats in rhythm with Mother Earth. May you be guided while you remember your roots and trust your unique medicine way for weaving the golden threads for a peacefully connected global culture. May you offer your power and voice to speak up for the preciousness of life. 

Serap Kara, Founder of Cacao Mama by Jaqueline Louan
Serap Kara, Founder of Cacao Mama by Jaqueline Louan


"Her teachings come from the heart and she is clearly passionate by what she does. Her love for cacao is palpable and she gives so much. I felt and feel blessed to have met a teacher who l resonate so much with. I left the training feeling inspired, empowered and glad to have met many spirited women also. Her cacao is also the best I have so far found on the market...both for personal use and ceremonial settings. I can't wait to share the Balinese one in my next circle!"

— Sandrine Giacobino



"I'm very grateful to you Serap for being such a clear and detached messenger of this powerful medicine...for really be able to transmit the essence of things and allow the creativity of each and every one to express and find its own unique way. Your workshop is deep and very far from all the commercial facade."

— Chiara Pallotti


"The training felt totally comprehensive and it was held in such a wonderful container. I learnt so much about all of the aspects of Cacao and how to work with it in my personal practice and sharing it with others. I'm so grateful that I was able to partake in this course and share space with a room full of incredible women. I've learnt so much and have come away feeling really centred and clear in how I want to move forward with my everyday life. I've only drank cacao once since returning home and it was so beautiful to feel confident in using this medicine ceremonially."


— Tamara ‘Wolf Sister’ Driessen



"It has been a true privilege to enjoy Serap's openings into this sacred practice and her deep heartfelt connection to Cacao Spirit - an adventurous, delightful and truly beautiful experience." 

— Kristine Øjken


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