Berlin · The Art of Ritual & Sacred Space · May 2020



Creating Transformative Spaces 


Berlin · Eden Studios

21 - 24 May 2020

10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

In English




The Art of Ritual & Sacred Space is a 4-day calibration to initiate healers, leaders, yogis, teachers, healing artists and creatives with energetic activation and sacred tools to enable you to create finely tuned healing experiences for yourself & others.


Sacred Spaces & Rituals reflect the universal matrix of structure, harmony and interconnectedness. They hold a key to understanding the rhythms of the Earth, the universal heartbeat and the cosmic eco-system. When acting within this harmony, one can reshape and weave a new reality. What is the underlying foundation of a well-structured Sacred Space and how can I create, aligned with the natural forces of life, finely tuned experiences for myself and others?


This initiation is a holistic weaving of metaphysical concepts, energetic healing, the teachings of native peoples within the architecture of Space, sacred geometry and Earth inspired wisdom. We will gently open the doors of perception and invite the loving forces of Nature and the Cosmos into our medicine circle. You are invited to remember the truth within your heart, expand your Sacred Self and learn how to share The Art of Ritual & Space. 


© Luz Mendoza
© Luz Mendoza


Rituals represent the cycle of human life. They offer orientation within the rhythms of Nature, offer a form of interaction with the environment and often symbolize important transitions. Rituals exist in every culture; they can be individual, cyclic, life-cyclic or event-related. In a ritual, a material transformation takes place, which symbolically shows what may change on the subtle level. Rituals are therefore highly symbolic.


Rituals build bridges between worlds, and from one form of being to another. A ritual can open a fine channel from the mundane world into the soul of Nature and the mysteries of life. In order to experience the sacredness of life and ourselves in our highest potential, we need safe spaces: well-grounded and structured spaces that help us to open with trust, to cross these transitions calmly with intention and focus.


Rituals and sacred spaces are art forms based on blueprints. Regardless of the particular culture, they are consistently aligned with the currents of Nature and the luminous forces of the Universe. They contain fixed anchor points, pathways, and recurring elements. If you look at, understand and internalize this blueprint, you may transform actions, moments & projects into a ritual to create greater harmony.


Because you are Sacred Space.



This training can help you to

  • harmonize important transitions in your life
  • generate energy from sustainable sources
  • experience an expansion in your personal growth
  • establish an individual practice that pulsates in unison with the rhythmical cycle of nature
  • gently open the doors of your perception
  • take courage to create rituals for your personal transitions
  • remember your personal gift to humanity
  • create a gentle access to the elemental forces of nature and the light beings
  • enhance your personal and professional skills through rituals & sacred spaces
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  • Explore types and applications of rituals in traditional and modern use
  • Review various approaches to ceremony and energy work
  • Discover elements from nature-based rituals to shamanic journeys
  • Design a ritual that reflects and supports a personal moment of transition


Sacred Space

  • Dive into the geometry and architecture of the sacred space
  • Picture the Dream Weave as an intuitive model of connection
  • Consider being in a relationship with the seen and unseen world
  • Experience the medicine of the Circle for personal and group work


Experience Design

  • Understand the art of crafting a ritual from a design perspective
  • Learn practices to prepare, open and close the sacred space
  • Explore group dynamics and your role as a space holder
  • Create a blueprint for a safe, well-grounded and spiritually enhancing experience


Intention, Intuition and Purpose

  • Understand the energy of pure intention for any spiritual practice
  • Learn ways to enhance your connection with the spiritual world
  • Explore the power of song and voice, prayer and blessing
  • Feel into the language of your intuition and set your intention


Inner Space, Outer Space and Boundaries

  • Travel the inner landscape and set up an inner ceremony space
  • Discover archetypes and images of the soul
  • Invite benevolent energies to your ritual work
  • Explore practices for self-care and ritual safety


Traditions, Cultural Wisdom and Local Roots

  • Develop an understanding of cultural heritage and Code of Ethics
  • Explore myths, story and ritual from your culture, lineage and land
  • Review practices to ground, anchor and regulate the intensity 
  • Discuss the relevance of authority, consent and permission for your work


Navigating the Urban Jungle

  • Understand the essence of ritual work as a way of enchanting and honouring Life
  • Learn ways to practice Spirit connection in the urban jungle
  • Discuss actions to practice the art of cultivating wisdom together
  • Create pathways to give to the Mother to come full circle within your offerings


Ritual Dream Time

  • Together we will weave and implement a shared Ritual Dream Time Meditation and receive the medicine of Cacao to connect with your roots,  your purpose and the heart of the Earth.


I’m Serap, Medicine Woman, Earth Guardian, teacher and Cacao Lover. My love for Spirit was initiated by a spiritual encounter with the Spirit of Cacao in 2011, which led me onto the path of Healing Arts studies. This was followed by an intense study of global resources, energetic healing and Earth inspired wisdom from across many cultures. 


My medicine heart beats in rhythm with the Earth Mother. I love to create finely tuned healing experiences in order to assist people in reconnecting wit their roots and aligning with their inner gold and sources of power. Since founding the Cacao Mama Earth School, I became a student again, learning from Trees, Nature Spirits, Earth Shamans, and sharing my insights in ritualistic learning experiences.


The Earth School is a school of light, speaking to the guardians, the healers and visionaries. The Earth School is about re-establishing a connection with the Earth Tribes, collecting the messages found in the Soul of Nature, cultivating wisdom together and offering our power and voice to speak up for the preciousness of life.




Thursday, 21st May until Sunday, 24th May 2020


4-day intense

In English 



Daily Schedule 10am - 5pm 



Morning Invocation






Shared Lunch



Tools, Techniques & Practice



Reflection & Sharing 






Regular Tuition Fee EUR 540

Participants 26 years and under EUR 450


includes ceremonies, rituals, teachings, meditations, energy work, a shared Cacao Ceremony, a one-on-one call prior to the course, The Art of Ritual & Sacred Space workbook & a Cacao Mama Certificate. 


The Spring Well - Please consider making a donation to  the Spring Well, a treasure box set up by the Earth School to give to and support younger participants. Your gift will enable a younger person to participate and hopefully open up new ways to navigate these critical times.  





The training will take place at Eden Studios in Berlin - Pankow.

Eden Studios***** offers a small number of guest residencies.  Visit the website or write an email to Eden Studios.



"The Art of Ritual and Sacred Space invited me to flow into a nourishing state of presence and trust, allowing me to drop into the stillness of my heart and listen to my Souls Whispers. Serap guided and supported all of us with an energy that was both grounding and uplifting as we remembered our Sacred Space within and reconnected with the beautiful forces of Mother Nature that are so openly and lovingly available to each and every one of us. I experienced and continue to feel the most magnified and profound sense of Gratitude for my Life.  Sitting in circle with so many strong and empowered Women has inspired me to continuously evolve past my comfort zone, even further than before and to celebrate life each and every day." --Charlie

"Thank you for the space you have created and the journey you have taken me on. I have learned a lot about myself, the hidden places in my consciousness, the "underworld". I've seen the shields and protection I've put around myself, and I learned that it is not fear that hurts me but resisting it. I've learned that the sacred space is inside myself, this is where my relationship with the elements, with Mother Earth and the Spirit world develops. And that using intention, inspiration, imagination I can create my own world inside the larger world, which serves as a doorway to the inner sacred space. And there, I can heal, I can find answers, I can explore and grow. I think the biggest thing I have learned was gentleness and compassion. Thank you for it." -- Dorina


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Regular Tuition Fee EUR 540

Participants 26 years and under EUR 450


Includes ceremonies, rituals, teachings, meditations, energy work, a shared Cacao Ceremony, a one-on-one call prior to the course, The Art of Ritual & Sacred Space workbook & a Cacao Mama Earth School Certificate.



With the submission of this registration form, you receive a confirmation within a few days that a place is reserved for you. With the transfer of the tuition fee, your participation is confirmed as obliging and the place is firmly booked for you.


In case of cancellation, I reserve the right to retain a processing fee of EUR 50,00. In the case of a cancellation 4 weeks to 3 weeks before the start of the event, 50% of the tuition fee has to be paid, from 3 weeks before the start of the seminar 100%. Decisive is the date of receipt of the withdrawal declaration via email. You have the possibility to name a substitute participant.


This is an educational event. The nature of the work is such as to include deep personal processes of an introspective and meditative kind. Participants are responsible for taking care of their own processes and their own wellbeing at all times, as this training is not intended as a therapeutic space of any kind.The participation, including the arrival and departure, are at participant's sole risk. The instructor is not liable for damages of a spiritual, physical, psychological or material kind.



All information will be send out via email, therefore please add earthschool (at) cacaomama (dot) com to your address book.