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01/02 July 2017



Serap Kara (Cacao Mama & Earth School) 

Jaguar Star (The Women's School, Lichtgeburt & Ritual Design) 

Simone Vitale (The Sound of Golden Light & Ritual Design) 




  • How do you create sacred, safe space?
  • What kinds of sacred, safe spaces allow for deep connection and awakening to true meaning? 
  • How can you integrate the medicine of the earth and your own soul light in unique ritual containers? 
  • What elements have been traditionally used for ritual by human beings since the beginning of time? 
  • What new aspects of ritual can we integrate for our urban lives?  


All these and many more questions will be explored, potentially answered and co-created in our Ritual Masterclass.  




In this space, the learning happens in a multi-dimensional way. We include experiential processes, self-reflection and discovery, group learning and the subtle field of learning that emerges when we make space for inner wisdom to unfold.   


Serap, Jaguar & Simone collaborate in this powerful weekend training that is intended for people that already work with groups or individuals and have some professional tools and experience in personal growth and healing to base this work on.  


We open a space for refinement and mastery in a field that is of utmost relevance for people today. 


Ritual has always been an innate human need. Working with ritual is one of the basic requirements of our current transformational time.  


Many of us are being called to work for and with the earth and be part of a bigger healing process for all. And it is a powerful tool of awakening to consciously learn from, understand and listen to the earth, our own unique soul, our life paths and accessing healing potential.   


The Feminine is an element that is calling to all of us, men and women to be reclaimed, honoured and embodied as a part of our soul make up. The feminine is a part of us all. 


Music provides an ancient and beautiful pathway that speaks directly to the soul.  







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  • The importance of Sound and Music in all ceremonies and rituals throughout history.  Sound as an alchemical element of transcendence and a healing energy.  
  • Song as a sacred ancient vehicle for connection with the soul, the land, the earth and each other.  
  • Calling in Sacred Space. Being aware of the energies one if working with. Being able to create a strong container. Respectful and conscious of what one is doing.   



  • Connecting back in with the principles of nourishment.
  • Understanding what it means to be a caretaker and that in creating rituals we become caretakers of sacred space. Understanding safe space and the processes of birth, and how this connects to ritual.
  • How Rituals facilitate safe spaces within which to access expanded states of consciousness and why times of transition and change inform ritual making for women and men.  



  • Understanding reciprocity – giving back–that it is in sacred alignment with the earth and our relationship with her for us to give back to her regularly. Rituals can facilitate this process.  
  • The Earth Star Chakra, the Earth rising within, connecting with the beings of Earth, the Sacred Space of Earth itself, our role as Earth & Wisdom Keepers. Understanding the cycles of nature and the earth.  




This is an advanced training applying earth-based rituals and teaching principles of various pathways of ritual creation. We include awareness of the feminine and earth pathways in our creative quest.



This Training is for:

  • Men & Women      
  • Healers         
  • Facilitators   
  • Teachers      
  • Trainers  


You will: 

  • Experience how to create and hold sacred space for groups.
  • Explore the deeper meaning and functions of rituals and the different aspects and elements involved both at a practical and subtle level.
  • Gain knowledge of the importance of rituals.
  • Understand the foundational principles of Ritual creation.
  • Apply principles of ritual practice.
  • Feel the power of music and its pathways for ritual. 




Saturday, 1st July & Sunday 2nd July 2017 

10am - 6.30pm

10am - 5pm



Greifs 208 – Space for Personal Development – Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin



First 1-5 to register: EUR 300 | 6-10: EUR 320 | 11-20: EUR 333  



Founder of Cacao Mama & Earth School 


Spirit of Cacao. This was followed by an intense study of global resources, plant medicine, energetic healing and Earth inspired wisdom from across many cultures. She founded Cacao Mama as a healing enterprise in Berlin to honour the Medicine of the Earth.

Serap is an Earth speaker, traveller, healer, student of the inner gold path and guardian of the Cacao Spirit. Her Earth-Heart beats through her offerings and she is devoted to a life of intention, cosmic balance and establishing a re-connection with Mother Earth. She is dedicated to offering finely tuned healing experiences, trainings and workshops, in order to assist others in aligning with their inner gold, the star codes and the Heartbeat of all Creation.

For many years, Serap has been evolving her skills to dream a New Earth into reality that will serve Future Generations. She is a master student of Mari Nil and the co-founder of Agape Zoe Healing Festival. Harnessing ancient wisdom alongside cultivating sacred arts in an urban setting, the Cacao Mama Earth School was born in 2017; an educational program that empowers leaders in becoming Earth Keepers. The Earth School currently offers three modules; ‘The Art of Ritual & Sacred Space’, ‘Plant Consciousness & Cacao Wisdom’, and ‘Sacred Networks & Earth Medicine’.



Founder of The Women's School, Practitioner at Lichtgeburt Clinic for women & Co-Founder of Ritual Design. 


Jaguar Star is a Feminine Health professional, Pregnancy and Birth professional, Educator, Doula, New Zealand Medicine Woman Shaman & Healer, Ritual Keeper, Poet, Writer & Artist. 

She was born in New Zealand, with European and South American heritage, bringing together earth and women based knowledge and wisdom from a wide spectrum of interdisciplinary fields over many years. Her work has been totally dedicated to this field. 

In her collaborative project "Ritual Design" with her partner Simone Vitale, they create sacred ritual spaces for intimate and large occasions in a variety of settings. 

Jaguar stands as a Voice for the Feminine and makes a place of learning available for those seeking to bridge these ancient and new pathways for healing for our world, specifically through the educational and inspirational platform of The Women's School. 

Ritual is an intrinsic element of much of her work with women, families and communities adn has played a key role in her own life. 

Jaguar provides professional Training pathways for women both in person and online, in Retreat and indidvidual apprenticeship settings (see AngelBirth).  

The Women's School is an international educational platform with the Summer School in Berlin this year 2017. 


Founder of The Sound of Golden Light & Co-Founder of Ritual Desgin.  


Simone Vitale is a visionary musician, composer, sound healer and ritual designer.  His work is dedicated to promoting an ecology of sound and music where kindness and mindfulness are the keys to a deeper connection with ourselves and each other.  In his project The Sound of Golden Light, Simone is following the call for a more ethical approach to Art. His deep understanding of the effects of sound and music on the human body, mind and soul is offered for the higher purpose of contributing to a reconnection with Nature in a time when this is urgently needed.  Bridging the worlds of Art and Medicine, The Sound of Golden Light presents a transformational, uplifting and heart-opening musical experience grounded in a well-researched and competent use of frequencies and harmony. 

Simone's musical creation is multifaceted and includes: healing music, music for pregnancy and birth, music of the plants, live music for yoga and movement, inspirational songs and more.  

In the Ritual Design project, Simone collaborates with Jaguar Star to provide rituals for a variety of occasions, from weddings to community gatherings, from personal celebration to institutional events.  

Simone is also a certified vocal yoga teacher and tuning fork therapy practitioner. 

Originally from Rome, Italy, Simone Vitale is currently based in Auckland, New Zealand. He has been sharing his work internationally since 2012 in India (Kerala, Tamil Nadu), Germany, Estonia, Finland and New Zealand.



I hereby register for the Ritual Master Class 01/02 July 2017 in Berlin and accept that my registration is binding. 

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First 1-5 to register: EUR 300

6-10: EUR 320

11-20: EUR 333



With the submission of this registration form, you receive a confirmation that a place is reserved for you. With the transfer of the tuition fee at the rates indicated above, your participation is confirmed as obliging and the place is firmly booked for you. Payment is due at the latest by 5 working days after receipt of the reservation confirmation.


In the case of cancellation, we reserve the right to retain a processing fee of EUR 50,00. In the case of a cancellation up to 14 days before the start of the event, 50% of the tuition fee will be retained. From 2 weeks before the start of the event, 100% of the tuition will be retained. Decisive is the date of receipt of the withdrawal declaration via email. You have the possibility to name a substitute participant.


This is an educational event. The nature of the work is such as to include deep personal processes of an introspective and meditative kind. Participants are responsible for taking care of their own processes at all times, as this training is not intended as a therapeutic space of any kind.

Each participant is fully self-responsible for their own wellbeing. 


The participation, including the arrival and departure, are at participant's sole risk. The instructors/organisers are not liable for damages of a spiritual, physical, psychological or material kind.




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