04 · Annette Lober · The Magic of letting Spirit work out its Play

Picture: Priscilla du Preez
Picture: Priscilla du Preez


'I'm a miracle, a riddle for myself & the people around me.'


Annette is a screenwriter and actor, but even more, a big creator. Her Soul feels at home in creation, sound and vibration. Born and raised on a farm, she followed the call to explore city cultures in Paris, London, Zurich and now Berlin. She is an active foodsharer and ambassador to Erwin Wagenhofer’s new film ‘But Beautiful’.



  • The beauty of seeking out and finding little heavens of safety in the city world to return this wisdom to Nature one day. 
  • The calm space of a ritual is a metaphorical space that offers stability in an ever-changing time
  • Claiming rituals and relying on them.
  • Annette shares two favourite rituals: 1 Using sound to change frequency and 2. A mind-light-shining tool to quiet the brain and relax muscles & body


Community Service

  • The Dream Weave in which every thought changes the matrix and how being positive is also being in service.
  • Foodsharing as an active community service to reflect on waste, cutting down standards and to needing less.
  • Following the making of Erwin Wagenhofer’s film But Beautiful over seven years and becoming an ambassador.
  • When projects turn out to be entities challenging you to have the courage to do something completely different.
  • What if all messages were  like a warm bath after a long day, like a drink, like an elixir that you want to drink often.



Serving the greater good

  • The frightening idea of letting go of ego and letting Spirit work through us.
  • Allowing freedom to lead to responsibility.
  • Receiving dreams and ideas by showing up.
  • Spirit as the best job center to lead you to new assignments.
  • The transition from a time when ego was en vogue, so the development of your persona, to now rearranging them with the connotation of being in service.
  • How the pure medicine of our ancestors allow a magical look into the future.
  • On balancing the worldly ideals of family and the messages of Spirit in a healthy way.
  • Being schooled in standing in peace, in love and respect.
  • The potential of the now.



  • Annette's website: https://www.salon.io/instantkarma   Healing through Storytelling
  • But Beautiful: https://www.but-beautiful-film.com Germany 14th Nov 2019 · Austria  15th Nov 2019 ·  Switzerland 21st Nov 2019 
  • Foodsharing Initiative - https://foodsharing.de







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