02 · Lena Brandt · Nature in and outside

Picture: Peter Hammer
Picture: Peter Hammer

I am sharing the space with Lena from Munich. We're having an intimate conversation about bringing consciousness into the corporate world, about knowing one's sources, the power of coming home and the dreams that wish to be dreamed.



  • How Lena’s spiritual journey started and how she’s serving her community in Munich with Women's Circles
  • Her spiritual path embedded in a corporate world (communication - culture agency) 
  • Laying the foundation of a new communication culture through Sacred Circles and what every single circle has in common
  • Experiencing the Medicine of the Circle 


The Global Climate Strike

  • The importance to stand up and raise one’s voice although it’s scary and frightening to spread consciousness
  • Experiencing frustration on a broader scale
  • Consciousness as a privilege
  • Contradictions, different viewpoints and how we all together create a common base to protect what is dear and sacred to us


How to strengthen the Spirit when powerful emotions like fear, anger come up

  • The power of connecting physically with Nature, asking the Spirits of Nature for help and guidance and connecting with like-minded that share the same goals



  • The humble act of apologising to Nature and saying ‘I’m sorry!’
  • Being in a relationship with the people other than human
  • How connecting with the ancestral medicine can help you overcome the feeling of separation
  • Saying goodbye to belief systems like ‘I’m not good enough, I’m alone, I can’t do this, I need to be perfect’
  • Being aware of the seeds that healers and facilitators plant in the hearts of people


Intentions for the earth, environment, climate

  • How connecting the outside nature and inside nature leads to true nature and dealing with parts that do not want to change
  • The one piece that connects us all and how it leaves you with no choice but to protect all of it, to honour it, to share it
  • To know where one’s products come from
  • Leading customers into more sustainable thinking and open the space up for conversation
  • Using the online possibilities to spread the word


Personal Dream, Earth's Dream

  • How Nature teaches us about our innate wildness
  • The power of dreaming, imagination and writing a script.
  • The Ritual Dream Time as a personal practice to connect with the Dream of the Earth
  • Solutions for building a new human community



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