01 · Arielle Atman Sara Lo Frano · Listen, let go and start creating from within

Picture: Mr. Karl
Picture: Mr. Karl

In this conversation, I am speaking with Arielle from New Zealand and Sara from Switzerland.


  • The global urgency to act.
  • Teaming up with people to not be/feel alone.
  • The Tree Council as a platform to come together, support and inspire each other, to share ideas and resources. Also as a safe space to share what one is experiencing in this very moment.



How do you feel about the global issues that we’re facing these days?

  • The feeling of grief, both on a personal and on a global level. The degree of disconnection from the Earth and what’s natural speaks. Manipulative forces bring up the urgency to act.
  • The feeling of sadness that goes along with ‘I need to do something!’
  • The role of grief and sadness in our society and how it seems that they have no place yet.
  • Grieving as an act of witnessing.

Is there something that is holding you back in becoming active?

  • The questioning if one person can make a difference? 
  • The lack of confidence and how the first step is the most important one?
  • Reading good news about people who do make a difference and stand up can assist you in holding up the vibration. 
  • Being ‘unemployed’ when it comes to protecting the Earth as nobody pays you for that. 

What do you do to strengthen your Spirit?

  • The process of creating and following a vision. 
  • Listening. To be in nature, walk on the grass, listen to the river, connect with the stars and the moon and the trees. To take time, to be with her, to listen.


What do you do on a personal level?

  • Going plastic-free as much as one can which is extra challenging with kids.
  • Donating to an organization and doing things more consciously.
  • Saving water, using a solar panel, reducing the time on the computer, being in Nature, being in the real world. 
  • Giving thanks to the water, blessing the food and choosing cooking over convenience. 
  • The comfort zone can be a tricky place. Trust is needed to change any direction. Developing acceptance when things fall away. The pain that can be experienced sometimes when growing out of one’s comfort zone.
  • Listening to the Earth’s voice to speak and act on her behalf.
  • The responsibility of educating children and make them feel part of Nature, to prepare them for this world, especially when the virtual world is becoming more invasive.

What are your actions in the community?

  • Educating the community regarding 5G and the general lack of information that is available in public about this topic. 
  • Doing ‘unpaid’ work and the value that no dollar can give one
  • Holding space for the screaming and calling of Nature
  • Educating through media. 
  • Teaching yoga exercises that calm the mind and reduce stress. 
  • Guarding a piece of land. 
  • Becoming a resource for one’s community.

Values & Beauty

  • The value of creating something new versus expanding what one has already. 

  • The value of focussing on one’s interest, rather than being overwhelmed. 
  • The value of grounding oneself to come back into the center. 
  • The value of opening the senses and come into the present moment.
  • The beauty of sharing honestly.
  • The beauty of the unknown, the void, the letting go and creating space to develop trust with every step one takes. 
  • The beauty of a community that shares one's vision & values to move together and feel the support. 
  • The beauty of positive affirmations that fuels one’s vision and motivation. 


  • There is always something we can do, give and that we can share from within.
  • There is a great enhancement that we experience in our work when we share. 


What can we do for the Earth?

  • Sending prayers, giving thanks, connecting deeper with one’s ancestors.
  • Listening. To the leaves and the devas. Bringing her really into my awareness so I can walk with that.
  • Connect, be present, think about her, about Nature and say hello to a tree!


Calling you

  • Serap is reaching out to the listeners to find an organization or private family to create a relationship and exchange with mutual support.
  • The Tree Council can lead  towards an alliance or slim organization that supports 2-3 projects eg quarterly and invests in planting Cacao and local trees, to create bonds for becoming godmothers of Nature.





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